Users will be able to use 11 amazing features of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp's currently approved 256 members have raised the group limit of 512 members.

WhatsApp currently launched an emoji response feature that will help users react using emoji in chat messages.

The WhatsApp also reported that the voice call limit has been extended up to 32, currently only 8 people can be added to voice calls.

Currently the chat filter feature is only available to business WhatsApp account users. But WhatsApp is also working to bring the chat filter feature to standard user accounts.

The WhatsApp company is about to feature a Multi-Device Sync called "WhatsApp Companion Mode" which will help users link to a secondary mobile device with tablets.

Also WhatsApp is about to add the "Poll" feature in these new features.

WhatsApp status will add reaction features so that users can respond to emoji in status update.

WhatsApp is planning to extend the deadline to delete the wiped messages 2 days and up to 12 hours.

Also WhatsApp is working with a feature where message notifications will include the sender's profile picture.

WhatsApp log out "delete" will replace it fairly and who seems to support the upcoming multi-device feature.

From now on, users will be able to view Instagram reels directly via WhatsApp.

This time, users will soon be able to buy insurance through WhatsApp.

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