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Bas Kar Bassi Web Series Download [FHD, 1080p, 480p, 720p] OTT Review

Bas Kar Bassi Amazon Prime Series Watch Online 1080p – Bas Kar Bassi Comedy Amazon Prime Series is a comedy drama television series. Bas Kar Bassi Web Series is directed by Abhishek Upmanyu. Bas Kar Bassi Comedy Drama Series starring Anubhav Singh Bassi. We all love to watch comedy drama series now so this web series is now being loved by people in large numbers. You can watch Bas Kar Bassi Comedy Drama Series on Amazon Prime Video.

Bas Kar Bassi Web Series Download

Bas Kar Bassi Comedy Special Release Date is 1 February 2023. Running time of Bas Kar Bassi TV Shows is 83 minutes. People are searching here and there to download Bas Kar Bassi Web Series. Anyway stay tuned and scroll down to watch and download Bas Kar Bassi Anubhav Singh Bassi Comedy Amazon Prime Series.

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Let us admit that not everyone can be Zakir or Vipul in the comedy scene. Bassi’s initial YT bits were amazing which went viral and we all loved it. But bus kar Bassi comedy special download in Hindi is a standard show where you start somewhere and you have to end it. Where was the end? What was the story apart from just random Chaudhary-pandit lame jokes for 1 hour? The initial startup bit gave some laughs and smiles.

I mean the whole pandit-Chaudhary saga would have ended in 10 minutes but he made the whole show out of it which turned pretty boring. Sorry to say this, but the Bassi bubble has been busted!

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Anubhav Singh Bassi Web Series Release Date and Time

He is telling unfunny jokes again and again. Nothing new. Just feeling his old content and jokes in a different manner. He is telling unfunny jokes again and again without any content. There is a lack of content and he is laughing himself, that too when there is nothing in the joke. If you lack a sense of humor, you might like it. His previous acts like hostel are good. I Watch Bas Kar Bassi Drama Series online free for 30 minutes and could not find a single joke worth laughing at.

Web SeriesBas Kar Bassi
CastAnubhav Singh Bassi
Release date1 February 2023
Seasons1 Season
Episodes1 Episode
Original networkAmazon Prime Video
Distributed byAmazon Prime Video
Adsto Media House
ProducerKaran Asnani, Shivanand Lalwani, Rohit Gour, Veena Lalwani, Ankur Bhargava
Running time83 minutes
Directed byAbhishek Upmanyu
GenreComedy Thriller Television Series

I just thought of not wasting 84 minutes overall on this. He tried to copy Zakir also somewhere in between but failed miserably. His journey, first job, and everything else, whatever he portrayed, does not have a good laugh. It probably puts a smile on your face once or twice, but that is not expected out of a stand-up comedian. Overall, not a very good last laugh.

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Bas Kar Bassi Series Amazon Prime Video Trailer

I watched Bas kar bassi web series online free Show and I was extremely disappointed. The jokes were stale and lacked originality, and the delivery was uninspired. The audience seemed to have trouble connecting with the comedian, as there were long periods of silence throughout the performance. I expected much more from a comedian with such a reputation and was let down by the lack of effort put into the show.

I was disappointed with the lack of variety in the material. Many of the jokes felt repetitive and failed to bring anything new to the table. Additionally, some of the stories that Bassi shared were quite lengthy and lacked the punchline or pay off to make them entertaining. I would not recommend this show to anyone looking for a good night of comedy.

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Bas Kar Bassi Season 1 Web Series Cast

I recently saw Zakir bhai’s Tathastu and the difference between Bassi and Zakir has become very clear to me. Zakir’s stand up has a story, plot, and always a beautiful ending. Bas Kar Bassi Download Full Amazon TV Show 1080p 720p can see anything randomly without making any sense. The first part of stand-up about the startup was a little good but after that, the story about Chaudhary and pandit was too lengthy without emitting any laughter from the audience.

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Anubhav Singh Bassi comedy series watch on Amazon Prime video was a huge deal on YouTube but this prime special is a huge flop. He was blabbing absolute random things which did not make any sense at all. Bassi should focus more on his writing because this special was terrible to watch.

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The restaurant plot was overly exaggerated and boring. It did not seem like a story telling, just random poor jokes. The delivery was also weak, in other videos he used to stay calm and talk on point, but here he was laughing so much that the audience expected a lot from the joke only to find it very average. I was waiting for the whole episode. Now the twist will come, maybe now he will talk about something else.

I enjoyed the stuck in the lift part, the lawyer part before he joined the startup, and the audience interaction. Maybe Anubhav Singh Bassi stand up comedy Show would have been good if it was more of an audience interaction. Hoping that bassi will have good content like before.

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The name of the show is perfect where the audience is telling bassi to stop “bas kar” with no script and totally random unfunny jokes. I had not expected this worst show from him, at least he should have some good content. If we compare bus kar Bassi stand up comedy Show watch online to the level of Zakir then he is not even one person close to that the way Zakir has held on to the audience.

1.5 hours went like this and in this show, it was like now the c***** or something good will come but we get very disappointed. I feel as if we are cheated by long lengthy stories which just wastes our time.

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No the jokes were not up to the mark, Bassi kept on laughing at his own jokes for no laughable reason whatsoever, it was a complete waste of 1 hour and 23 minutes, to be frank. Pandit and Chaudhari jokes were just cringeworthy at best. His journeys, his first job, and everything else he described doesn’t make you laugh out loud. It definitely made you chuckle once or twice, but that is not what you would anticipate from a standard comedian.

It is not a very funny closing joke overall. Watch bas kar Bassi drama series online free at your own risk, as I have wasted my one hour in 23 minutes on this utter crap, I had high hopes for this one, since it was presented on Amazon Prime video. It is not at all funny and just utter crap. It is quite unexpected.

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His dialogue delivery is so powerful that you literally live the moments while he narrates these stories. Bus kar Bassi stand up comedy Show watch online as his jokes are hilarious yet so relatable, we all have such unique characters in our group. He literally proved that comedy can also be done without offending anyone.

A very positive outlook he has towards life, he is truly a genius sharing his life stories and making such amazing content out of it. He is one of the best comedians we have in India. Cheers to you Bassi! I am looking forward to more such TV series. Kudos to your genius mind. You definitely rock!!! Keep up the brilliant work!

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Bas Kar Bassi Web Series Download Filmywap

His pandit and Chaudhary joke was completely lame as compared to his YouTube hit. He was trying very hard but you can easily judge. Some jokes are really bad. Keep it up Bassi and if this keeps going on then we would definitely have to say Bus kar Bassi! He pieced together an excellent set! Anubhav Singh Bassi comedy series watch on Amazon Prime video as it is entertaining to see the full life story untold. It has great callbacks. It has unplanned audience interaction which was also handled with aplomb.

The timing and delivery were spot on. He sometimes cannot control his own laugh while telling the joke yet his execution makes every joke even funnier. You can see his life story right onto stage-truly a raconteur. The way he weaves stories is very engaging. His ability to create a vivid visualization of his adventures as a business owner was fun. It is an enjoyable laugh riot for 83 minutes. Maybe I laughed out loud, but I had to explain to my flatmates that I was watching a comedy show.

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There came a point where I had to pause, I thought I would not be able to finish this today. Because I was laughing so hard, my stomach and cheeks were hurting. His style of comedy feels like you are one of his round table conference friends and he is telling you a story over drinks. My biggest grip was the ending did not land, more so there was no ending.

In that term, Bas kar Bassi web series online free felt more like his longer format of YouTube video instead of a stand-up show. The recalls also did not work for me. But apart from these factors the show was good, he is definitely funny and it did not make me laugh for the first hour also. Stand-up comedy is incredibly hit or miss for me. I either love someone’s act or I don’t. There is no in-between.


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Bas Kar Bassi Download Full Amazon TV Show 1080p 720p FAQ

Who is the director of the comedy TV special series Bas kar Bassi?

Bus kar Bassi is directed by Abhishek upmanyu and written by Anubhav Singh Bassi.

Where can I watch the comedy TV special series Bas kar Bassi?

You can watch Bas kar Bassi on Amazon Prime video with a subscription.

When will the comedy TV special series Bas kar Bassi be released?

Bas kar Bassi was released on February 1, 2023 in India in Hindi language with a runtime of 1 hour and 23 minutes.

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