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Dada Movie Download in Hindi MP4moviez and Telegram to Watch Online

Ganesh K. Babu, making his directorial debut, wrote and directed Dada, a coming-of-age romantic comedy drama movie in the Tamil language from 2023. College seniors Manikandan and Sindhu unintentionally become parents. Due to circumstances separating them, Manikandan must raise his child Adhithya alone.

Dada Movie Download in Hindi MP4moviez

What comes next is a touching story about a father and son’s journey despite all the obstacles. On February 10, 2023, Dada was theatrically released. It earned favourable reviews from reviewers and enjoyed box office success.

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An unanticipated pregnancy that upends families, a painful farewell, and the love between a father and a son are all there in Ganesh Babu’s Dada, which contains all the elements of a template family drama. Dada Download Movie in 4K, HD, 1080p These elements are typically and carefully arranged to induce tears and sentiment. However, Ganesh uses these clichés—which are famed for their melodramatic tendencies—to create a poignant yet understated coming-of-age tale of a young father. Particularly in mainstream film, the story of parenthood has typically been depicted from the perspective of a woman.

Dada Movie Download 480p 720p Rarely has a movie dealt with a man’s struggles with fatherhood and the sacrifices he made to be a good father. Dada by Ganesh K Babu is an emotional play about a young man who handles unexpectedly becoming a parent with great maturity. This is also an emotional coming-of-age story about a college-bound, aimless young man who is forced to embrace fatherhood when everyone else, including his family, has given up on him.

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Dada Movie Release Date and Time

On February 10, 2023, Dada was theatrically released. It earned favourable reviews from reviewers and enjoyed box office success. Dada is essentially a union of two Selavaraghavan and Radha Mohan films. We see a father and his four-year-old having endearing discussions about the educational system, and we see a girl biting her boyfriend’s shoulders in lust. Dada Movie Download Full HD In the hands of a lesser writer, Aparna’s Sindhu would have been the sacrificing angel and Kavin’s Manikandan may have become the height of toxic masculinity.

CastKavin, Aparna Das, VTV Ganesh
Release date10 February 2023
Distributed byRed Giant Movies
Production companiesOlympia Movies
Produced byS. Ambeth Kumar
LanguageTamil, Hindi
DirectorGanesh K. Babu
Budgetest. 4 crore
Box officeest. ₹20.9 crore
Movie TypeIndian Tamil-language coming-of-age romantic comedy drama film

But Ganesh makes it obvious that neither Mani nor Sindhu are brutes or angels. Dada Download Movie in 4K, HD, 1080p The characters are imperfect in their own unique ways, and in their most open moments, they admit their errors and express their desire for a different outcome. Dada, the debut film by director Ganesh K Babu, centres on an unintended pregnancy.

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The film’s plot Is by no means ground-breaking, but the sensitive portrayal and clever writing make it enjoyable. Dada Movie Download Full HD Consider the standard conflict scenario between the main protagonists. Given that the heroine has been crying for hours, Ganesh gives the scene a hint of realism by making her voice tremble in exhaustion. The hero, on the other hand, is too enraged to pay attention to her.

He briefly interrupts her at one point to exclaim, “Nee solradhu enakku puriyala; niruthi ozhunga sollu!” Even while the scene may not provide much insight, paying attention to these small nuances helps the conversation feel real and grounded; you can see this throughout the entire movie. And from the very first frame of his movie, Ganesh is extremely clear about how he intends to present this story. Dada Download Movie in 4K, HD, 1080p We see a couple splayed out on a bed, with the woman (Sindhu, portrayed by Aparna Das), smiling deeply while softly resting her head on her partner’s chest.

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Dada Movie Cast

After all, they are dealing with an unforeseen pregnancy. Heroes who seem impervious to failure have appeared in recent Tamil film. Even when they drop, the elevation takes place quickly. Dada Movie Download Full HD But in Dada, things are different. She sheds a tear as she expresses happiness over her romance. Dada Download Movie in 4K, HD, 1080p Her partner Manikandan (Kavin) sighs, but not because she is sobbing; rather, he is unable to do so (we learn a sweet anecdote about how he didn’t even cry as an infant).

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He continues by assuring her that “I’ll make sure that you never shed a tear again,” which is a statement straight out of the lovely boyfriends’ playbook. Dada Movie Download on 123Movies Then, just as you relax back in your chair to prepare for a cheesy romance montage, Sindhu’s sobbing is shown on the screen. The tears, though, aren’t as joyful this time. The following is a list of the cast and crew.

  • Aparna Das as Sindhu Manikandan
  • Kavin as Manikandan
  • Aishwariyaa Bhaskaran as Manikandan’s mother
  • VTV Ganesh as Gokul
  • K. Bhagyaraj as Manikandan’s father
  • Harish K. as Amith
  • Fouzee as Shadana
  • Pradeep Antony as Saravanan
  • Kamaldeep
  • Master Ilan Arjunan as Aditya Manikandan
  • Master Bedal Sanjay
  • Baby Nalan Premkumar as an infant Aditya
  • Master Arav
  • Arvind Ezhilarasan as Manikandan’s brother

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Manikandan’s life’s long-awaited redemption takes longer than expected. He is hit on the face by life’s blows three or four times before he is able to overcome it. Similar to Velaiyilla Pattathari, his life-altering job offer comes through a referral; yet, in this case, the victory feels more poignant because we have witnessed enough of Mani’s struggle. The movie has a strong undertone of sophisticated humour while yet being both emotional and entertaining.

Mani and Sindhu are discussing moving into a new rental property when a man playing PUBG on his phone interrupts them with, “Ipdiye ovvoru veeda maari saava poreenga da!”Dada Movie Download 480p 720p  The intense pathos is immediately turned into top-notch black humour. Its impressive ensemble handles such good writing with ease. Its impressive ensemble handles such good writing with ease. While Kavin and Aparna give the roles a lot of life, supporting actors like Harish Kumar also take advantage of their situations.

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Student couples Manikandan and Sindhu are in their final year of college. But Sindhu gets pregnant, and their lives are altered. Manikandan requests an abortion from Sindhu, but she declines, and they both rent a home. Manikandan mistreats Sindhu by ignoring her and showing no concern for her because of his drinking issue. Dada Movie Download Full HD Manikandan arrives at the hospital to witness Sindhu miss leaving the baby behind after she gives birth. He learned that she had fled to a remote location.

Dada Movie Download on 123Movies Manikandan names the child Aditya and raises him like a gentleman while taking care of the infant. Ganesh K. Babu, a first-time director, announced the project. Aparna Das, who had earlier made her acting debut in a small role in Nelson’s film Beast (2022), made her Tamil film debut as the lead heroine. The movie’s main shooting started in March 2022, and it was mostly filmed and set in Chennai. The movie’s filming was finished in September 2022.

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Dada movie download mp4moviez

After a few years, Manikandan looks for a new job. He eventually gets one and works with Sindhu in the same company, where he knows she is the manager. His initial fear of going to the workplace to work has since subsided, and he now feels confident about doing so. Dada Movie Download on 123Movies Aditya visits Manikandan’s workplace one day. Aditya reveals to Sindhu that Manikandan is his father, indicating that Aditya is her child, when they first meet.

Dada Download Movie in 4K, HD, 1080p Sindhu speaks with Manikandan after realising this. Sindhu confesses that her parents had lied that the baby had died, and she believed it was becausee of Manikandan’s irresponsible behaviour that she left him when Manikandan questions her about abandoning the baby despite his demands for an abortion. Aditya, Sindhu, and Manikandhan are now a family and have settled the issue. Dada abandons the stylized elements that frequently go along with the genre in favour of its own unique ways of surprising us.

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Take the romance between Manikandan and Sindhu as an example. They have a love that develops naturally with little to no history. Watch Dada Full HD Movie Online The lived-in and cosy language of Kavin and Aparna’s relationship instantly makes it plausible that they are caught up in the throes of crazy, young love. The pair eventually leaves their homes, severing ties with their family, and seeks solace among friends.

Dada Download Movie in 4K, HD, 1080p The idea of friends who become family is well illustrated in conversational vignettes between Mani and Amit (a magnificent Harish K), who transform from clumsy men-children who grin and squirm during nappy changes to tender best friends who say ‘I love you’ to one another without embarrassment. Dada Download Movie in 4K, HD, 1080p Mani’s journey into fatherhood and ultimately adulthood is the narrative’s beating core, nevertheless. Mani is not a wild adolescent who runs away at the suggestion of pregnancy. He is a content but anxious man in love who isn’t prepared to confront such a deep-seated anxiety at such a young age.

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So, after a nasty argument between Mani and Sindhu, Sindhu makes an inconceivable decision, and Mani finds himself abruptly transformed into a figure out of a single-parent drama. Watch Dada Full HD Movie Online Children and the banter they have with adults make for endearing stand-ins in films. Dada Movie Download on 123Movies However, this song frequently becomes stale in films, which inevitably makes the child irritating overly smart and mouthy. Dada focuses on the lives of a young man who subsequently loves being a single parent and a father.

It conveys a clearer message that parenting is gender neutral. Additionally, it is loosely based on real events in the life of the friend of filmmaker Ganesh K. Babu. Dada Movie Download Full HD Amazon Prime Video has acquired the film’s digital streaming rights, while Kalaignar has acquired the satellite rights. The movie started playing on the streaming service on March 10, 2023.

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The most energising feature of Dada is that it loudly and clearly conveys a very crucial message: parenting is gender neutral. In raising a child, both the mother and the father play significant responsibilities, and it is impossible to compare or quantify their contributions. Dada Movie Download Full HD  Even though the movie shows how Kavin raised his son by himself and evolved into a better man and parent as a result, it doesn’t try to paint the mother in a negative light.

Dada Movie Download 480p 720p This is a very admirable feature of the writing and the movie. Additionally, it never makes a great deal out of a father parenting a child by himself. Almost every figure in the Dada universe has free will and a goal. The screenplay is intricate and profound, right down to the car driver who casts a disapproving glance at a father’s heinous deed and VTV Ganesh’s cameo who pushes the film’s lighthearted view of destiny.


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