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Das Ka Dhamki Movie Download [FHD, 1080p, 480p, 720p] OTT Review

The audience will be entertained by Das Ka Dhamki, a movie that Vishwaksen has created for the Telugu New Year. In addition to acting, he also directed the film. The story was written by Dhamaka author Bezawada Prasanna Kumar, and Nivetha Pethuraj plays the lead role. Let’s check out the movie. The film will be released on March 22, 2023.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Download

Vishwaksen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Mahesh Achatna, and others are featured in the film. According to the most recent sources, “Das Ka Dhamki” made 8.8 crores on its first day despite receiving negative reviews from reviewers.

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The actor’s most recent film, “Das Ka Dhamki,” debuted as the largest of his career. The movie made 8.8 crores on opening day despite receiving mixed reviews from reviewers. On the first day alone, the movie earned back 50% of its share. The play “Das Ka Dhamki” carried on well on day two as well. Das Ka Dhamki Movie Stream on Zee5 Krishna Das works as a server in a five-star hotel and wants to succeed in life.

He meets Keerthi one day and is immediately smitten. He keeps his occupation a secret while giving Keerthi the impression that he is well-off. Sanjay creates a wonder medication in an effort to eradicate cancer. Sanjay Rudra perishes in an accident just as his medication is ready to hit the market.

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Das Ka Dhamki Full Movie Release Date and Time

The film debuts on March 22, 2023. On the other hand, Dr. Sanjay Rudra, the CEO of SR Pharma Pvt. Ltd. And a lookalike of Krishna Das, is also present in the film. As a result of learning the truth about Krishna Das, Keerthi loses his job in the meantime. Sanjay’s uncle (Rao Ramesh) brings Krishna Das in place of Sanjay in order to salvage the Pharma company.

MovieDas Ka Dhamki
CastVishwak Sen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Tharun Bhascker
Release date22 March 2023
Distributed byTheaters
LanguageTelugu, Hindi
Production CompanyVanmaye Creations, Vishwaksen Cinemas
Produced byKarate Raju, Vishwak Sen
Running time151 minutes
Box officeest. ₹13.55 crore
DirectorVishwak Sen
Movie TypeAction Comedy Thriller Film

What occurs afterward? In what ways did it alter Krishna’s life? The solutions are in the film. Das Ka Dhamki 2023 watch online OTT the official release of the Das Ka Dhamki collections for two days has occurred. Due to the weekday, the movie’s box office numbers have slightly decreased.

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Das Ka Dhamki Full Movie ZEE5 Official Trailer

Young emerging talent Vishwak Sen appears in a distinct avatar in the promotional teaser for Das Ka Dhamki, showcasing his flexibility. After examining the box office results from day one, Vishwak Sen has already begun his success tour. The worldwide gross for Das Ka Dhamki reached 11.90 crores in just two days. The biggest earnings of Vishwak Sen’s career according to box office observers, are now being predicted to increase much more by the weekend.

According to the forecasts, Das Ka Dhamki will break even by the weekend. Das Ka Dhamki  Hindi Dubbed Movie Download Free moreover Das Ka Dhamki is succeeding at the US box office. In the US, the movie has already made $200,000 at the box office. It is anticipated that the movie will shortly pass the $500,000 threshold.

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Das Ka Dhamki Movie Cast

Vishwaksen plays a very strong character in the film and has proven himself in the past. Vishwaksen demonstrated his ability to work in a commercial hero role with Das Ka Dhamki. With his pranks and comedic timing, the actor who plays Krishna Das makes the movie entertaining and a livewire. In the action-packed film Dhamki, in which actress Nivetha Pethuraj portrays the female lead, we shall see him once more.

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Together with the main cast members, the movie also prominently featured Rao Ramesh, Hyper Aadi, Rohini, and Prithviraj. Das Ka Dhamki Movie Download 300mb also Sen wrote, co-produced, and directed the film Das Ka Dhamki, which stars young actor Vishwak Sen in the title role. The rom-com action thriller film is currently playing in theaters.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Download Telegram Link

Vishwak Sen gives a natural, unforced performance throughout the movie, and it’s delightful to watch. He has sufficiently varied his performances for both characters. The performer gives a standout performance in a few scenes. Young actor Vishwak Sen’s second directing effort, Dhamki, after the 2019 movie Falaknuma Das, in which he also starred and which is his first pan-Indian project.

Das Ka Dhamki 2023 watch online OTT however, the first half lacks a narrative and moves quickly, with the humour and entertainment component working mostly as intended. Vishwaksen, Hyper Aadi, and Jabardast Mahesh’s scenes worked out well. The trio’s comedic timing and delivery generated a lot of laughs.

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Vishwak Sen once more shown his acting prowess. With every movie, he improvises and develops as an actor, and this is evident on screen. In Das Ka Dhamki, Nivetha Pethuraj portrays a highly attractive character, and she radiated on screen. The two of them have great chemistry. Even in the romantic parts, the fun perspective is skillfully kept, keeping the viewer interested.

Prudhvi, Rao Ramesh, and the rest do fine in their respective parts. Das Ka Dhamki 2023 watch online OTT also one drawback of the picture is that the second half received a lot of attention, especially before it was released. The producers promised that this episode will be unique in its sort and startle the audience. But despite all the excitement, the second hour actually falls short of living up to expectations.

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The first half moves by without a hitch on an expected tone with an intriguing interval block. As a result, the first half sets the tone for the second half and turns out to be a decent one. According to Vishwak Sen, there were numerous twists in the second half. He expressed certainty that it would blow everyone’s minds. The twists, however, were a complete failure, and the second half ended up trying the spectators’ patience.

Das Ka Dhamki  Hindi Dubbed Movie Download Free the plot is quite straightforward, and we have seen similar stories in a number of films. Several twists were added to the movie one after another to make up for this. Up until the climax, the twists never seem to end, and this is when the movie started to lose steam.

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Das Ka Dhamki is a common meal for youngsters that makes it tough to tolerate other portions. Viswaksen gave a strong performance as the hero but failed miserably as a director. Too many confusing turns marred the second half. The second half’s twists ultimately proved to be somewhat ridiculous, unprofessional, and flavorless.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Stream on Zee5 other from that, the storyline was flawed, and despite Vishwak Sen’s best efforts to move viewers with his portrayal of a mother, he was unable to do so. The music composed by Leone James is upbeat and captivating. The problem is that these turns seem quite forced and lack conviction.

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The audience is somewhat perplexed by the rapid editing. It is clear that these twists were added to keep the action moving because the film lacked depth. The entertainment’s sweet covering can’t fully hold people’s attention. The songs are well-written and beautifully filmed against backgrounds of exotic locales.

Das Ka Dhamki full movie download some of the songs that were played on screen during the background soundtrack by Leon James were excellent. Elegant cinematography by Dinesh K Babu makes the film appear appealing in each and every scene. Poor editing was done. The quality of the manufacture is excessive. Das Ka Dhamki has had too many turns, which has been frustrating overall.

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Critics have had differing opinions on the movie. The second half of the movie is reportedly subpar, while the first half is reportedly great. There are several unsatisfying twists in the plot, along with a little bit of entertainment. The Vishwaksen’s performance is being praised. Vishwak Sen took a risk, he succeeded as an actor and failed as a filmmaker.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Download 300mb the director made the decision to minimize the similarities in the plot of Das Ka Dhamki with other earlier movies and recent hits and to twist the entire second half, turning the movie from a romantic comedy to an action thriller. However, in the process, the screenplay went wrong.


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Das Ka Dhamki Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed FAQ

When the movie Das Ka Dhamki released?

On March 22, 2023, Telugu audiences were also treated to dubbed Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi versions.

Who is Director of the movie Das Ka Dhamki?

The movie is directed by Vishwak Sen.

Where to watch the Das Ka Dhamki?

You can watch this movie online from Zee5 or you can download it from online site.

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