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Kabzaa Movie Download [FHD, 1080p, 480p, 720p] Review

Kabzaa Movie Watch Online Free 480p – Kabzaa Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed is a Kannada language movie. Kabzaa Full Movie in Hindi is an action movie and this movie is directed by R. Chandru. Kabzaa Full Movie Starring Upendra, Sudeepa, Shiva Rajkumar, and Shriya Saran. As it is an action movie so many people are desperate to watch this movie.

Kabzaa Movie Download

Kabzaa Full Movie Release Date is 17 March 2023. The running time of Kabzaa Movie is 174 minutes, and the budget of this movie is ₹120 Crore. People are constantly searching by typing Kabzaa Full Movie Download. Anyway, stay tuned and scroll down for Kabzza Full Movie Online Watch and Download.

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Kabzaa full movie in Hindi dubbed download is a 2023 movie of 2 hours and 3 minutes comprising the genres of action, crime, and drama. In 1947, a Gandhi follower and freedom fighter were brutally attacked. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the freedom fighter’s son gets trapped in the Mafia world and the story revolves between 1942 to 1986.  The movie is directed by R Chandru, Shivu higher math, and others.

The dialogue of the movie is written by M Chandramauli and R Chandru. The movie keeps you guessing and throws a bouncer in the c*****. Dialogues are the essence of this movie to feel or understand the downfall and rise of each character. There are so many twists and turns, you would be amazed how the director put this all together in one move, it is a thriller in the true sense.

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Kabzaa Movie Release Date and Time

Kabzaa full movie 720p download would be released on March 17, 2023. It will be released in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, and Oriya languages. I felt as if it is an illogical and mindless film that will even disappoint UP fans. Wherever you go for real star Upendra’s film, you will be expecting some unconventional content, bound to impress yourself. However, don’t expect much if you will be watching this film! There are several vulgar dialogues, references, and contacts in the movie which is definitely not acceptable in a film that is rated UA.

CastUpendra, Sudeepa, Shiva Rajkumar, Shriya Saran
Release date17 March 2023
Distributed byAnand Pandit Motion Pictures, Lyca Productions, Zee Studios
LanguageHindi, Kannada
Anand Pandit Motion Pictures, Sri Siddheshwara Enterprises, Invenio Origin
Produced byAnand Pandit, R. Chandru, Alankar Pandian
Budgetest. ₹120 crore
Running time174 minutes
DirectorR. Chandru
Movie TypePeriod action film

Moreover, they have been promoting this as a family movie. Which is unbelievable! It would not be an exaggeration if I refer to director Upendra as Karnataka’s very own Christopher Nolan. The way the screenplay is presented we would need a minimum of two watches to get it right. Every bit of this movie is engaging and inspiring to all movie enthusiasts.

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Kabzaa Full Movie in Hindi Official Trailer

The trailer of Kabzaa Tamil movie Download in Hindi is of 2 minutes and 53 seconds and the teaser is of 2 minutes and 4 seconds. The tagline of the movie is a new vision of The Underworld. The screenplay is very poor, making the viewer feel really awkward in many places! The editing is also poorly done and there are abrupt scene changes without any relation to one another. The music is also a disappointment. The very first song in Kabzaa movie download in Hindi is very badly edited with rapid, flashing, and unstable video frame movements.

I almost got a headache after watching this video song! Upendra is at his best as usual. He looks stylish and fits as a fiddle, carrying out his looks effortlessly with fashionable costumes! But unfortunately, he is let down by a weak script. Rachita Ram has completely changed her Avatar from being a cute dimple queen to a sexy bombshell! There are some steamy, erotic, and bold scenes between Uppi and Rachita which will surely set the screen on fire!

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Kabzaa Movie Full Cast

The plot is okay but the direction is worse. This is the worst directorial mainstream Kannada movie I have seen recently after mungaru male 2. Even the play looks more real than this movie. None of the screens succeed in immersing the audience into the movie. The whole movie feels like it is someone doing his or her first video project. It has a brilliant screenplay and from the beginning itself, the story unrests attention. The moral of the film is life learning. The ending of the movie is so intense, emotional and decrypting, the ugly truth of this world. Hats off to Upendra sir.The full cast of the movie Kabzaa movie download in Hindi is as follows:

  • Shiva Rajkumar
  • Kiccha Sudeepa as Bhargava Bakshi
  • Upendra as Arkeshwara
  • Murali Sharma
  • Nawab Shah
  • Shriya Saran as Madhumathi
  • John Kokken
  • Kota Srinivasa Rao
  • Posani Krishna Murali
  • Sudha
  • Dev Gill
  • Kamarajan
  • Danish Aktar
  • Kabir Duhan Singh
  • Lakki Lakshman
  • Suneel Puranik
  • Pramod Shetty
  • Taaha Shah
  • Avinash
  • Anoop
  • B Suresh
  • Tanya Hope as a bar dancer in the Item song “Chum Chum Chali Chali”
  • Ashwath Ninasam
  • Jnan
  • Sandeep Malani
  • Chiru

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Kabzaa movie watch online free has the most illogical story ever-an extremely rich married man santhu played by Upendra who is unhappy with his wife Gauri played by Sonu Gowda decides to meet his colleague love dharmik played by Rachita Ram when she texts him all of a sudden from nowhere! He even buys a rupees 4.5 crore diamond ring to charm her! What happens when they meet!? Will they get back together? That is what the movie is all about.

Kabzaa Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download

Almost the entire part of the film’s story shows their flashback college life story and unfolds in the most mindless way ever. Starting with a conjecture that true love is just about lust and sex without any genuine feelings in it, the film takes on this concept of true love and rips it apart, trying to explain this one thing until the very end. There are several absurd ways in which this is shown throughout the movie.

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Kabzaa Movie Download Filmywap

Overall this movie fails terribly in almost all departments and is a huge disappointment even for Uppi fans! Watch this one at your own risk! I don’t understand what angle people liked it! Seriously, it is a total waste. No story and no screenplay. I don’t understand how Upendra accepted this movie. Horrible jokes and PJs. It has unwanted songs! When there are so many good movies coming in the Kannada industry, these movies spoil the reputation of Kannada industry.

The director is requested to please grow up. The movie plot is very weak and struggles to hold the attention of the audience. Kabzaa full movie in Hindi dubbed download glorifies old movies of Upendra and that is the only thing which stops us from getting out of the screen. C***** is the weakest link in Kabzaa full movie in Hindi dubbed download and it is predictable.

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Kabzaa full movie 720p download has a rather interesting plot and the execution so far is also pretty neat, even though the traces of some Upendra movies from the past are present here as well. It needs to be said that the movie has turned out to be better than expected. Upendra looks energetic and he is indeed in top gear. An equally good second half is expected. While you look forward to watching the film in the theaters, here are a few interesting facts you just cannot miss.

As usual, a lot has been discussed about Kabzaa full movie 720p download as it is Upendra’s film. Upon watching the trailer alone, a true Uppi fan will realize that it purely reflects this actor’s style. It is being said that the movie will change the existing trend in sandalwood.

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Kabzaa Movie Download Mp4moviez

When I heard about Kabzaa movie download in Hindi and its amazing different kinds of posters, I was amazed at what movie it could be. I watched this movie because of so much hype and it lived with expectations. This is a different kind of Kannada movie that I watched. Most movies in that genre were with songs, fights, family drama and comedy. Kabzaa movie download in Hindi was totally different.

Director Surya or Upendra wants to show that there is no love which exists through his movies. He was encountered by a college girl who is a great fan of his. She tries hard and tries to prove to Surya that there is love in the world. Finally Surya agrees to her that there is love and he falls in love with her.

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Unfortunately due to some incident, the girl’s father dies and she was forced to p***********. After a long time when Surya came to see Chandni, she was totally different with a big bungalow and living a lavish life. She agrees that whatever told by his director Surya is correct that there is no love in this world, but Surya tries to follow her and convince her. Kabzaa movie watch online free is interesting because of the great dialogues written by director Upendra and story line. This is a must watch movie.

This movie showed the audience and other filmmakers that movies can be made like this also. No one could ever write such a peculiar character and perform it with excellence. The movie has some elements which reflect how frustrated Upendra was with the conditions of society and he showed it in his style. Like Upendra’s movie, kabzaa Tamil movie download in Hindi was also ahead of its time.


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Kabzaa Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed 1080p, 720p FAQ

Who is the director of the movie Kabzaa?

The movie is directed by R Chandru, Shivu highermath and others.

Where can I watch the movie Kabzaa?

You can watch the movie Kabzaa in your nearby theaters.

When will the movie Kabzaa be released?

The movie Kabzaa will be released on March 17, 2023 in India in Telugu language.

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