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Kerala Crime Files Full Series Download Tamilrockers and Telegram to Watch Online

Ahammed Khabeer and Ashiq Aimar are the creators of the Indian Malayalam online series Kerala Crime Files: Shiju, Parayil Veedu, Neendakara. In order to investigate a murder in a suburban lodge room, a team of six police officers commanded by Sub-Inspector Manoj are on the run with just one lead: a bogus address, Shiju, Parayil Veedu, Neendakara, taken from a lodge register.

Kerala Crime Files Full Series Download Tamilrockers

The budget for the online series Kerala Crime Files was around 10 crores. On June 23, 2023, it is not available on Hotstar, but you can get tickets online through Book My Show.

Kerala Crime Files All Episodes Download Filmyzilla 1080p

Many are surprised to learn that despite being well-liked by reputable production companies and streaming titans, no one has truly succeeded in making a well-liked web series in the Malayalam business. Kerala Crime Files watch online free There were a few attempts, but they were of poor quality and were ignored. Kerala Crime Files, Ahammed Khabeer’s first web series, is not a suspenseful thriller. Kerala Crime Files watch online free youtube It moves slowly, as most police procedural films do, like Kuttavum Shikshayumor Rosshan Andrews’ Salute, directed by Rajeev Ravi.

We follow a team of police officers as they look into a s*x worker’s death over the course of six episodes, under the direction of Circle Inspector Kurian Aviran (Lal) and Sub Inspector Manoj (Aju Varghese). The story takes place in 2011, and the policemen’s only lead is a fictitious address: Shiju, Parayil Veedu, Neendakara. The action is broken up by tidbits about the five police officers’ personal lives.

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Kerala Crime Files Web Series Release Date and Time

The first Malayalam television series, Kerala Crime Files, will now debut on the Disney Plus Hotstar app on June 23, 2023. Kerala Crime Files watch online free youtube A digital rights arrangement makes this series only available on Disney Plus Hotstar. Therefore, if you’re eager to watch the gripping Kerala Crime Files series, you may do so on the app since it is currently streaming there. The Malayalam industry has now made remarkable efforts in the world of over-the-top (OTT), and Disney Plus Hotstar just debuted its first Malayalam series, Kerala Crime Files, amid considerable anticipation.

SeriesKerala Crime Files
CastAju Varghese, Lal
Release date23 June 2023
Seasons1 Season
Episodes6 Episodes
Distributed byDisney+ Hotstar
Original networkDisney+ Hotstar
Produced byRahul Riji Nair
DirectorAhammed Khabeer
Series TypeCrime Drama Thriller

Kerala Crime Files OTT download Kerala Crime Files, the first Malayalam television programme, will now premiere on the Disney Plus Hotstar app on June 23, 2023. This television series is only accessible on Disney Plus Hotstar due to a digital rights agreement. Therefore, as it is currently streaming on the app, if you’re eager to see the compelling Kerala Crime Files series, you may do so there.

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The Malayalam industry has made impressive progress in the over-the-top (OTT) space, and Kerala Crime Files, Disney Plus Hotstar’s first Malayalam series, just made its debut amid high expectation. Kerala Crime Files web series watch online hotstar Although the CI is the team’s leader, the majority of the on-the-ground investigation is carried out by SI Manoj and the three officers reporting to him: a senior constable, a mid-career officer, and a rookie police officer. And it’s reasonable to say that the filmmakers have succeeded by expertly delivering a straightforward yet captivating police procedural to the big screen.

Kerala Crime Files all episodes download in hindi The comedic actor Aju Varghese gives a subtle portrayal as a police officer who is motivated by a strong sense of justice and work ethic. It disturbs him because the victim is a sex worker and that her murder does not draw as much attention as a crime against a famous or powerful person. Lal plays Kurian, a knowledgeable senior who has ”been there, done that” and recognises that there is more to law enforcement than simply apprehending criminals.

Kerala Crime Files in Hindi Cast

We also gain a feel of the police department’s organisational structure. Kerala Crime Files (KCF), directed by Ahammed Khabeer, is centred on the murder of a sex worker at a lodge and the ensuing police inquiry. Ahammed Khabeer has previously directed films like June and Madhuram. Kerala Crime Files watch online free Sub-Inspector Manoj (Aju Vaghese) and his squad are summoned to investigate a murder when a sex worker is discovered strangled to death at a sleazy lodge in Ernakulam. Kerala Crime Files download filmyhit They are led astray by false information that the suspect has provided wherever he has resided or worked as they start their search for the murderer.

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Kerala Crime Files all episodes download in hindi Before the culprit is found, there are a few false turns and potential suspects. Kerala Crime Files web series watch online hotstar The writing was tightened up by Ashiq Aimar. However, certain incidents, such as the theft of alcohol from a BEVCO (Beverages Corporation) location, seem useless and may have been staged to depict “a day in the life of a cop.” The following is a list of the cast and crew.

  • Stijo Chemmessery as Tea Shop Owner
  • Devaki Rajendran as Lathika
  • Baiju Bala as Jacob
  • Sreejith Mahadevan as Shiju
  • Aji Alok as Karim Ikka
  • Jinu Anilkumar as CCTV Officer
  • MD Rajmohan as Old Husband
  • Akhil Raj as Neendakara A.S.I.
  • Pradeep Joseph as Edappally SI
  • Roopesh KV as Venjaramoode SI
  • Zhinz Shan as SCPO Pradeep
  • Mini S.K. as Old Wife
  • Lal as CI Kurian
  • Jose Praveen as Peter
  • Navas Vallikkunnu as CPO Sunil
  • Feby as Sisily
  • Pragesh Raj as Palarivattom SI
  • Madanan Babu as Athira’s father
  • Anoop Raghavan as Ashraf
  • Abhilash K. as BSNL Officer
  • Ansal Ben as Union Shiju
  • Harishankar as Sarath
  • Dr. Nidhinya Anil as WCPO Sindhu
  • Abin Paul as Eloor SI
  • Ponnachan as Party Secretary
  • Prem Prakash as Devassy
  • Ashwathy Manohar as Athira
  • Jeevan Baby Mathew as Afzal
  • Sanju Sanichen as CPO Vinu
  • Aju Varghese as SI Manoj
  • Rajeev Thomas as Athul
  • Vinod Thomas as Biju
  • Prabhakumar as ACP
  • Akshay T. as Sainu
  • Rooth P John as Swapna

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Five police officers work together to apprehend the offender under the direction of Circle Inspector Kurian Avaran (Lal) and Sub-inspector Manoj Sreedharan (Aju Varghese). They only had a name, “Shiju,” and a fictitious address, “Parayil Veedu, Neendakara,” which were given to them by the suspect at the lodge. Kerala Crime Files download filmyhit Even though there is no outside pressure on them to solve the increasingly difficult riddle because it is a low-profile case, the dedicated police officers put everything they have into it.

Being a s*x worker, the victim’s life has received little attention, and the way society views women like her is made clear by the lack of pressure from the media or lawmakers to quickly apprehend the suspect. Kerala Crime Files all episodes download in hindi However, Manoj, his superior Circle Inspector Kurien (Lal), and the squad are tenacious in their hunt for the murderer and will not give up till they catch him. The case is straightforward, but will they ever catch the murderer?

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The series, whichh is set in Kochi in 2011, spends little time setting the scene before diving right into the main plot and grabbing the audience’s interest. Kerala Crime Files all episodes download in hindi The narrative begins when a small lodge’s receptionist finds a sex worker’s body.  Kerala Crime Files OTT download They continue the investigation despite encountering innumerable roadblocks and dead ends because the suspect has been misleading everyone with a made-up address for a number of years. Six days and three cities are covered in the linear story.

To the makers’ credit, they depict the murder with admirable restraint; there is no blood or gore. Kerala Crime Files watch online free youtube The tendency towards masochism of another character is hinted at rather than demonstrated. For those who create crime-based content for the OTT market, it is a difficult temptation to resist. Lal, an accomplished actor who portrayed Kurian in the movie, and Aju Varghese, noted for his cool performance, both played the character.

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Additionally joining the cast are Navas Vallikkunnu, Sanju Sanichen, and Zhinz Shan, who each bring their own set of abilities and talents to the show. The Kerala Crime Files series boasts a terrific plot and excellent characters thanks to Ahammed Khabeer’s direction and Ashiq Aimar’s scripting. Kerala Crime Files OTT download Viewers can count on high-quality production from Rahul Riji Nair. Kerala Crime Files all episodes download in hindi Although a lack of information could make an investigation tediously time-consuming, the editing prevents boredom. The action might have been more brisk if luck had played a part in the story.

Kerala Crime Files all episodes download in hindi Thankfully, though, Ahammed and Ashiq stick to the realistic nature of a police probe. Kerala Crime Files download filmyhit The actors perform admirably. It’s not all gloom and doom in KeralaCrime Files; Pradeep’s encounters with the eager newbie Vinu inject the proceedings with situational hilarity. It’s reasonable to say that Malayalam content has entered the world of online series.

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The police officers are a cross-section of people in various stages of life; among them, Kurian is divorced, Manoj is a recent widower, and Pradeep is a new parent.  Kerala Crime Files watch online free KCF, produced by Rahul Riji Nair and distributed by First Print Studios, provides an engrossing experience from the outset thanks to a tightly-woven storyline that doesn’t try to take on too much. Kerala Crime Files watch online free youtube Despite using an episodic storytelling strategy, the designers intelligently avoid including extraneous details that can interfere with the story’s seamless progression and the detective’s work.

There aren’t many suspenseful moments in KCF, as one of the characters notes, “because the victim is a sex worker, the case is considered low-profile.” A team of six police officers under the direction of Sub-Inspector Manoj are the subject of Kerala Crime Files. Kerala Crime Files OTT download Their goal is to solve a puzzling murder that occurs in a lodge room in a suburban area.

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In contrast to how these characters have typically been portrayed in Malayalam cinema, the portrayal of the victim and other sex workers in KCF deserves praise for treating them with dignity. Kerala Crime Files OTT download However, author Ashiq Aimar deserves kudos for successfully maintaining the audience’s attention throughout, as even a small error may have irrevocably wrecked the plot. In an interview with The Hindu, Ahammed stated that he intended the web series’ content and visual quality to be on par with other Indian online series, and he succeeds in doing so.

Kerala Crime Files web series watch online hotstar His attempt to tackle a “serious” subject in the wake of feel-good films like June and Madhuram succeeded. The frames of director of photography Jithin Stanislaus enhance the tone of the show. Except for the location where the police uncover the murderer, there are no significant turns or unexpected revelations in the climax. Despite its flaws, Kerala Crime Files mainly lives up to the promise.

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The excellent programme Kerala Crime Files stands out from other programmes concerning the police. Kerala Crime Files all episodes download in hindi It follows Sub Inspector Manoj and his team as they attempt to solve a case out of a sense of duty rather than for the benefit of politics or the media. Regardless of who she was, they treat the investigation into a sex worker’s death seriously. The gruesome death of a sex worker that took place in the Grand Tourist Home is the subject of the TV show, according to IMDB. A group of six police officers who are committed to solving this murder case are the first to appear.

Manoj, the team’s sub-inspector, is in charge. Kerala Crime Files watch online free This keeps everyone’s interest in the programme and demonstrates how these issues are frequently disregarded in reality. The victim’s backstory isn’t given much attention in the episode, but it is treated as fact along with her murder and the hunt for the murderer. The portions of the programme that highlighted the police officers’ private life and their interactions with their families were particularly well received by the crowd.


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Kerala Crime Files Download in Hindi 720p FAQ

Who is the director of Kerala Crime Files?

The director of Kerala Crime Files is Ahammed Khabeer.

Where to watch Kerala Crime Files?

You can watch online by downloading it from online sites as well as by downloading it from telegram app.

When Kerala Crime Files is released?

The series is released on 23rd June 2023.

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