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Kerala Lottery Result Today Live 29.09.2022 Karunya Plus KN-439 Winners List Kerala lottery result today live ✔️ 29 September 2022. Every day Kerala lottery results through Kerala State Lottery Division publishes Karunya Plus KN-439 winner name കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം online. The lucky Kerala lottery result for the weekly lottery was announced at 3:05 pm.

The Kerala Lottery System provides a hefty prize distribution to all prize winners. All the people who play the Lottery for him cannot give up their addiction to playing this lottery. Through this page, we keep updating your weekly lottery name as well as Kerala lottery daily result status, lucky draw winner name, and also information about how you will check the Kerala lottery.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

We update this page every day to publish the Kerala lottery result today in front of you. So we suggest you bookmark this page for Check Kerala lottery result 2022 live daily. We will update the Kerala lottery winner PDF list every day at 4:30 pm through this page.

Kerala Lottery Result Today LIVE Karunya Plus KN-439 Winner Names

The Kerala state lotteries program has been running in the state of Kerala for many years through the government of Kerala. The Kerala Lottery Program was established by the government in 1986. This is the first lottery program in India which was started by the state of Kerala. Then other states followed immediately and became famous all over India. All the buyers are very happy to get the prize by buying the lottery and all the cameras that get the prize. Kerala lottery result live has shown that people are getting prizes up to crores of rupees.

The Kerala lottery program is run entirely by the Government of Kerala. We have also provided detailed guidelines on how all the beneficiaries who win in this lottery program will claim the winning amount. Today, July 2, 2022, like every other day, the latest Kerala draw result will be released today. You can check the Kerala Lottery Karrunya Result from this page before any other website. We provide the fastest lottery draw update in the country. And we would advise you to always remember that the lottery game is a risky game that depends entirely on your luck. So when playing the lottery, you must apply your thoughts because the meaning of the lottery will depend on your luck.

Kerala lottery result today

Download Kerala Lottery 25-09-2022 (Revised Date) Nirmal Lottery Result NR-295

Kerala Lottery Result Today Karunya Plus KN-439 Winners List

Kerala Lottery Result Today LIVE
1st Prize – Rs.8,000,000/- [80 Lakhs]
PX 168155 (THRISSUR)
Agent Name: MANEESH P M
Agency No.: R 1036
Cons Prize – Rs.8,000/-
PN 168155
PO 168155
PP 168155
PR 168155
PS 168155
PT 168155
PU 168155
PV 168155
PW 168155
PY 168155
PZ 168155
2nd Prize – Rs.10,00,000/- [10 Lakhs]
Agent Name: BHAVEESH B P
Agency No.: C 3818
3rd Prize – Rs.100,000/- [1 Lakh]
1) PN 155242 (KOLLAM)
2) PO 303461 (KOZHIKKODE)
3) PP 398057 (KANNUR)
4) PR 159296 (PALAKKAD)
5) PS 350527 (PALAKKAD)
7) PU 634074 (KANNUR)
8) PV 312287 (KANHANGAD)
9) PW 758417 (ERNAKULAM)
10) PX 762430 (ERNAKULAM)
12) PZ 355199 (ALAPPUZHA)
4th Prize – Rs.5,000/- (For tickets Ending with the Number Below)
0157 0456 0680 0847 0902 1726 1747 1794 1908 4736 5118 5439 6042 6242 8338 8856 8863 9630
5th Prize – Rs1,000/-
0590 0801 1397 1749 1778 1824 1829 1832 1910 2053 2960 3002 3213 3797 4542 4682 4859 4878 5007 5531 5682 5823 6397 6416 6532 7424 7502 7713 7970 8734 8850 8962 8964 9177
6th Prize – Rs.500/-
0030 0040 0165 0208 0262 0449 0515 0522 0546 0935 0983 1072 1162 1258 1373 1498 1739 1766 1839 1856 2309 2324 2371 2377 2530 2540 2726 2793 3419 3539 3551 3672 4516 4591 4634 4684 4843 4872 5091 5138 5146 5162 5373 5643 5773 5849 6174 6288 6445 6473 6945 7009 7037 7099 7111 7153 7165 7229 7446 7729 8081 8143 8159 8262 8290 8340 8549 8561 8658 8797 8867 9265 9344 9452 9503 9520 9672 9682 9928 9983
7th Prize – Rs.100/-
0021 0073 0228 0378 0534 0641 0655 0656 0691 0774 0777 0794 0837 0980 1029 1069 1119 1457 1459 1473 1533 1751 1789 1798 1919 2001 2062 2607 2615 2850 2883 2885 2911 3031 3225 3349 3414 3428 3475 3532 3569 3573 3574 3660 3786 3791 3816 3833 4420 4518 4600 4664 4690 4727 4808 5092 5213 5337 5353 5381 5500 5513 5658 5663 5812 5822 5981 6023 6253 6276 6391 6417 6425 6428 6477 6564 6581 6724 6806 6810 7061 7121 7138 7173 7195 7227 7287 7314 7341 7570 7629 7634 7823 7904 7995 8096 8205 8214 8236 8292 8392 8507 8559 8582 8638 8723 8748 8777 8831 9103 9146 9200 9245 9288 9360 9411 9484 9611 9621 9627 9699 9742 9761 9798 9898 9999

The Kerala lottery result given on this page will be fully dedicated to the Daily Kerala Lottery Result of the weekly lottery. We let you know that we have added another category for the Bumper lottery draw results from which you can know only about that category. We have provided information on how to provide lucky draws winner names and prize money through this section. We have also added the complete PDF file of Kerala lottery results today live results today. We recommend that you always use the official PDF to check the lottery results. Kerala lottery result 2022 official PDF File is updated here daily after 4:00 PM.

Kerala Today Lottery Result 2022

Kerala Lottery is conducted every day of the week by the State Directorate. This lottery is played daily. Kerala Lottery has a total of seven different lotteries, and along with this another lottery called Kerala Bhagyamithra Lottery has been released by the Kerala State Directorate. It is published only on Sunday of every week. Many people have won a huge amount of money through this lottery. Also, a special lottery is conducted once a year by the Kerala Lottery concerned authority. This lottery prize money is kept high by the concerned authorities as it is conducted only once every year. You can win prizes from 100 rupees to 80 lakh rupees through the Kerala lottery. Four different lotteries of the Kerala Lottery are mentioned in the table below.

Kerala Lottery NameDay Name
Kerala Win-Win Lottery Result Today 2022Monday
Kerala Sthree Sakthi SS Lottery Result Today 2022Tuesday
Kerala Akshaya Lottery Result Today 2022Wednesday
Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery Result Today 2022Thursday
Kerala Nirmal Lottery Result Today 2022Friday
Kerala Karunya Lottery Result Today 2022Saturday
Kerala Pournami Lottery Result Today 2022Sunday
Kerala Bhagyamithra Lottery Result Today 20221st Sunday of Every Month

Kerala Lottery Winning Prize Money 2022

If you want to try your luck by buying Kerala lottery tickets then you can buy lottery tickets from the Kerala lottery official website. By buying the Kerala lottery you can win a huge amount of money. Kerala lottery winning prize money through Kerala government mentioned through below tables.

Kerala Akshaya Lottery Prize Money 2022

1st Prize₹70,00,000/-
2nd Prize5,00,000/-
3rd Prize1,00,000/-
4th Prize5000/-
5th Prize2000/-
6th Prize1000/-
7th Prize₹500/-
8th Prize100/-

Kerala Sthree Sakthi Lottery Prize Money 2022

1st Prize₹75,00,000/-
2nd Prize10,00,000/-
3rd Prize5000/-
4th Prize2000/-
5th Prize₹1000/-
6th Prize500/-
7th Prize200/-
8th Prize100/-

Kerala Win-Win Lottery Prize Money 2022

1st Prize75,00,000/-
2nd Prize₹5,00,000/-
3rd Prize1,00,000/-
4th Prize5000/-
5th Prize₹2000/-
6th Prize1000/-
7th Prize₹500/-
8th Prize₹100/-

Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery Prize Money 2022

1st Prize80,00,000/-
2nd Prize10,00,000/-
3rd Prize1,00,000/-
4th Prize5000/-
5th Prize1000/-
6th Prize500/-
7th Prize100/-

Kerala Nirmal Lottery Prize Money 2022

1st Prize70,00,000/-
2nd Prize₹10,00,000/-
3rd Prize₹1,00,000/-
4th Prize₹5000/-
5th Prize1000/-
6th Prize₹500/-
7th Prize100/-

Kerala Karunya Lottery Prize Money 2022

1st Prize80,00,000/-
2nd Prize5,00,000/-
3rd Prize₹1,00,000/-
4th Prize₹5000/-
5th Prize₹2000/-
6th Prize₹1000/-
7th Prize500/-
8th Prize₹100/-

കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം 2022 PDF Today Live

LotteryDateDraw NumberResults
Karunya Plus29 September 2022KN-439Check Results
Akshaya28 September 2022AK-568Check Results
Sthree Sakthi27 September 2022SS-332Check Results
WIN-WIN26 September 2022W-686Check Results
Fifty Fifty25 September 2022FF-18Check Results
Karunya24 September 2022KR-568Check Results
Nirmal25 September 2022NR 295Check Results
Karunya Plus22 September 2022KN-438Check Results
Akshaya21 September 2022AK-567Check Results
Sthree Sakthi20 September 2022SS-331Check Results
Thiruvonam Bumper18 September 2022BR 87Check Results
Karunya17 September 2022KR-567Check Results
Sthree Sakthi13 September 2022SS 330Check Results
Win Win12 September 2022W 684Check Results
Fifty Fifty11 September 2022FF 16Check Results
Karunya10 September 2022KR 566Check Results
Nirmal09 September 2022NR 293Check Results
Akshaya07 September 2022AK 565Check Results
Sthree Sakthi30 August 2022SS 328Check Results
Win Win29 August 2022W 683Check Results
Fifty Fifty28 August 2022FF 14Check Results
Karunya27 August 2022KR 564Check Results
Nirmal26 August 2022NR 291Check Results
Karunya Plus25 August 2022KN 435Check Results
Akshaya24 August 2022AK 563Check Results
Sthree Sakthi23 August 2022SS 327Check Results
Win Win18 July 2022W 677Check Results
Fifty Fifty17 July 2022FF-8Check Results
Monsoon Bumper -202217 July 2022BR-86Check Results
Karunya16 July 2022KR-558Check Results
Nirmal15 July 2022NR-285Check Results
Karunya Plus14 July 2022KN-429Check Results
Akshaya13 July 2022AK-557Check Results
Sthree Sakthi12 July 2022SS 321Check Results
Win Win11 July 2022W 676Check Results
Fifty Fifty10 July 2022FF-61Check Results
Karunya09 July 2022KR-557Check Results
Nirmal08 July 2022NR-284Check Results
Karunya Plus07 July 2022KN 428Check Results
Akshaya06 July 2022AK-556Check Results
Sthree Sakthi05 July 2022SS 320Check Results
Win Win04 July 2022W 675Check Results
Fifty Fifty03 July 2022FF-60Check Results
Karrunya02 July 2022KR 556Check Results
Nirmal1 July 2022NR-283Check Results
Karunya Plus30 June 2022KN-427Check Results
Akshaya29 June 2022AK-555Check Results
Sthree Sakthi28 June 2022SS-319Check Results
Win-Win27 June 2022W-674Check Results
Fifty Fifty26 June 2022FF-05Check Results
Karunya25 June 2022KR-555Check Results

How the Kerala Lottery process is conducted

We have already informed you that this Kerala lottery result Today’s Karunya Plus KN-439 program is conducted in the state of Kerala through the Government of Kerala. In this lottery program, some random numbers are usually drawn on lottery tickets on the basis of a lucky draw. And for all the people who bought the lottery, their prize money depends on the location of the ticket. Lottery prizes are distributed exactly as we have shown in the table above.

You can see here that the prize is desirable but so is the risk and you are lucky with the winning party. In general, the Live Kerala Lottery Result Today game is completely a risky game where it will depend entirely on your luck whether you get a prize or not. The results of the award are announced through the Kerala Lottery official website operated by the Government of Kerala. This result is then announced on other sites with information from this site. You can easily download the Kerala lottery result Today live pdf file from our website.

Kerala Lottery Winning Money

How to Claim Kerala Lottery Winning Money?

The winning amount is distributed to a large number of people every day through Kerala Lottery. First, you have to go to the Kerala Lottery Results Official Website to check Kerala Fifty-Fifty Lottery Result Today. You should first check your name through the Kerala lottery result PDF file by visiting the official website. You can check the Kerala lottery live result from the table given above.

Then if you have won the Kerala Lottery and your Kerala Lottery ticket number Today matches with the result list then it is very good and we inform you then congratulations. Since your ticket number matches the lottery list, you can claim the prize money. The amount of the prize will depend on how much you claim. We have given Kerala lottery Prize moneywise list below. You will see a list of officers according to your reward in the list where you can collect your prize money.

Kerala lottery Prize Moneywise list

Prize AmountDeposit Claim Form to
₹ 5000 and belowTicket Agents
₹1 Lakh and Below AmountDepartment of District Lottery Offices
₹1 Lakh Rs and Below (Other State)Department of Directorate
₹1 Lakh or Above AmountDepartment of Director of State Lotteries
₹1 Lakh to ₹20 Lakhs AmountDepartment of Deputy Director
₹20 lakhs and Above AmountDepartment of Director

Kerala lottery winning amount Claim Important notice

The Kerala Lottery Program is fully managed by the Government of Kerala. Kerala lottery draws are held for the weekly lottery. And Kerala lottery draw is held on the respective date at 3:00 pm. The lottery result PDF was then published on the official website of Kerala lotteries at 4:30 pm on the same day through the Kerala Lottery Department.

New winners are announced every day through the Kerala Lottery Division. And the announced PDF file contains the number of winners of the day for the prize. All prize winners must properly verify the winning number to be published on the website along with the results published in the Gazette. The winner will then have to submit the winning ticket to the authorities along with all the required documents within 30 days of the draw date.

Note: If the prize money is up to one lakh, the prize winner can claim his prize from the concerned district lottery office.

Kerala lottery winning amount claim is more than 1 lakh

According to the latest information, if the Kerala lottery winning result shows that the winning amount is more than 1 lakh, then the winning ticket has to be handed over to the State Lottery Director with the signature of the prize winner on the back of the ticket along with the following rivers.

  • To make a claim you need to apply for a claim with an unwritten photocopy on both sides of the ticket.
  • The winner will need two passport-size photographs which will be duly attested by an officer/notary of a gadget.
  • Receipt of prize money will be required in the prescribed form with a revenue stamp of ₹ 1 / – (Download the receipt here).
  • The winner will need his own PAN card which will be a self-attested copy.
  • Also attested ID proof documents are required, such as Aadhaar card, ration card, driving license, passport, voter ID, etc.

How to check Kerala Lottery Results 2022 for Karunya Plus KN-439?

All the beneficiaries will be able to check the Kerala state lottery result today through the process given below. Check your own Kerala Lottery Result through the following procedure –

  • You must first access the official website of the authority
  • After entering the official website you have to click on the option “Lottery Result – കേരള ലോട്ടറി ഫലം“.
  • This time the latest lottery draw result of the latest date will be displayed in front of you.
  • Then you will see the list of Today’s Kerala Win-Win W 675 lottery results on that page.
  • Now you have to click on the View option to download the Kerala lottery result PDF file.
  • Now the PDF file of Kerala lottery winner names and numbers will be displayed in front of you.
  • You can Kerala lottery result today print for future reference.


You can check Kerala Lottery Results 2022 by yourself through this method given above. We have given you a lot of information about the Kerala lottery result today guessing number on this page. If you still have any problems or if you need help then you can comment below. Our team will definitely help you. We keep updating this page every day so follow us. And we would advise you to invest the only amount in losing pro bets.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You all know that in 1947, the Kerala government banned all private lotteries in the state. The Kerala Government has started the Kerala State Lotteries Department to run the lottery business in the State of Kerala. Although it is a good initiative because if a business like a lottery is under the control of the government then it is trustworthy. The idea behind the formation of this lottery program was of the then Finance Minister P. K. Kunju Sahib. The Kerala Lottery is used to provide employment to the people and to supplement government funds without disturbing the public.

The Live Kerala Lottery Result Today Winners List system is entirely a risky game that depends on your luck. So be careful and make a thoughtful decision.

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Kerala lottery result today jackpot FAQ

How to check the Kerala lottery jackpot today result?

You can check the results by visiting the official website of the Kerala Lottery

Is Kerala State Lotteries a government agency?

Yes, Kerala State Lotteries are operated by the Government of Kerala.

How many days does the lottery winner have to claim the winning amount?

Lottery winners should claim the winning amount within 30 days.

When will the Kerala lottery draw result be published?

Kerala lottery draws result today live will be released every afternoon at 4:00 PM.

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