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How to Prepare Linear and Vector Algebra for Indian Air Force Group X Exam 2023

Indian Air Force Group X exam is a competitive national level exam held twice a year to recruit airmen for group “X” posts in the Indian Air Force (except education instructor trade).

Indian Air Force Group X Exam

Air Force Group X 2023 comprises three stages, namely, an online written test, a physical fitness test, and a medical checkup. The first stage of the recruiting process, namely the written examination, is done online, and candidates who pass the first stage of the recruitment exam are invited to the second and third phases.

The online written test of the Indian Airforce Group-X exam assesses candidates’ knowledge and skills in threes subject i.e., English, Mathematics, and Physics. It’s the first phase in the recruiting process, and it’s the most critical and challenging hurdle for candidates to overcome. At this point, the majority of the elimination is completed.

The exam’s Mathematics section could determine whether you pass or fail. To acquire a high score in the Mathematics section, one must design a clever plan and concentrate on crucial topics due to the short time given for the exam.

Since questions in Linear and Vector Algebra carry the most weight in the Indian Airforce Group-X Exam’s Mathematics part, aspirants should cover these topics thoroughly.

On that note, let’s go over some important strategies, tips and tricks for acing all linear and vector algebra questions in the upcoming Indian Airforce Group-X and other Defence Recruitment exams.

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Know the Algebra Sub Topics Asked in the Exam

In both linear and vector algebra, examine the syllabus, break it into subtopics, and prioritise them. Make a point of looking at them in relation to one another, since this will help you remember them.

Some of the sub-topics addressed in Linear Algebra are Sets, De Morgan laws, Venn diagrams, Relation and Function, Complex Numbers, Number Conversion, Arithmetic Progression, Geometric Progression, and Harmonic Progression, Real Numbers, Binomial Theorem, Permutations and Combinations, Logarithms, and more.

Vector Algebra includes Unit, Null, and Collinear Vectors, as well as Vector addition, Scalar multiplication, and Vector Multiplication. These concepts will also help you in understanding the Application of Vectors in Physics.

Indian Air Force Group X Exam 2023 Highlights Key

Exam NameIndian Air Force Group X Exam
Department nameCentral Airmen Selection Board
Eligibility12th Pass (Mathematics, Physics, & English), Diploma
Age21 Years (Maximum Age)
NationalityIndian / Nepalese
Indian Air Force Group X Exam Date 2023To be announced

Memorize all Formulae

Formulae make up the majority of linear and vector algebra. Making a revision sheet with equations and key points organised in priority order is the most effective way to recall them. If you need to revise at the last minute, this will come in handy.

Solve Previous Years’ Defence Exam Papers

Solving previous year’s papers can help students figure out how much time they’ll need to spend on each question and whether or not they need to work on their time management.

By going over the previous year’s question papers, students can learn about the types of questions that will be asked on the test, as well as the weighting given to each topic and subtopic.

Set theory, function, permutations and combinations, Quadratic equations, and inequalities are all important topics from which substantial questions are asked in any defence exam. Complex numbers, logarithms, sequences, and series are all topics that are moderately important. These could be questions that require in-depth conceptual knowledge to answers the questions.

In comparison to linear algebra, vector algebra contributes a smaller number of questions in the Indian Air Force Group X exam. You can therefore avoid them if there are only a few days away.

Keep the Basics Clear

The candidate should be able to master every topic in linear and vector algebra. This will not only provide the candidate an advantage over their competition, but it will also assist them in better preparation and knowledge of the topics.

Secure Good Books/Study Material

For math, many students who have already taken the exam choose NCERT books of Class 11th and 12th. Besides NCERT books Mathematics/AIR FORCE/ NAVY/COAST GUARD by Mr. Saurabh Singh & Team and Mathematics Objective For Air Force X Group, Navy SSR, Artificer & NDA/NA Entrance Exams by Ram Singh Yadav are also good books from which you can solve algebra questions and questions from other important maths topics.


We have shown you through this page how to prepare for Linear and Vector Algebra for Indian Air Force Group X Exam. We hope you find the answers to all your questions through the information on this page. If you still have any questions you can let us know in the comment box, and we will reply to you shortly.

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Air Force Group X Exam FAQ

What is the Eligible Age for the Indian Air Force Group X Exam?

Candidates can apply for Air Force Group X Exam till the age of maximum 21 years.

How many marks is the paper of Air Force Group X Exam 2023?

Air Force Group X Exam paper is 70 marks.

What is the percentage required in 12th exam to apply for Indian Air Force Group X Exam?

To apply for the Air Force Group X exam, you need to have 50% marks in 12th class Physics, Mathematics, and English.

What are the compulsory subjects in the Air Force Group X exam?

Mathematics, Physics, and English are compulsory subjects to apply for this exam.

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