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Rafuchakkar Full Series Download Tamilrockers and Telegram to Watch Online

The nine-episode thriller-drama Rafuchakkar centres on the life of Prince Pawan Kumar Bawaria, an apparently unremarkable Nainital resident. A crafty criminal named Prince (Maniesh Paul) is apprehended by ambitious crime branch officer Shaurya Chautala (Aksh Pardasani), who then brings him face to face with Ritu Bhandari, the fiercest and most well-known attorney in the city (Priya Bapat).

Rafuchakkar Full Series Download Tamilrockers

The first episode of the series will air on June 15, 2023. A legal battle unfolds to determine whether Prince is a genuine con artist or a victim caught in a web of lies.

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In his digital debut, Rafuchakkar, Maniesh Paul, who has been recognized as the pinnacle of breakthrough talents, has astonished spectators with his enthralling performance. Maniesh Paul’s powerful performance as a con artist revealed a hitherto hidden side of his flexibility and astounded the audience. As well as praise for his outstanding development as an actor, admiration has poured in for his astounding physical changes, which span five different avatars. ‘Rafuchakkar’, starring actor and television host Maniesh Paul, tells the tale of Prince, a brilliant con man with a golden touch who specializes in defrauding the powerful and dishonest.

His fortune changes, though, when he is apprehended by ambitious Crime Branch officer Shaurya Chautala. Rafuchakkar OTT download The programme is accessible via Jio Cinema OTT service. Through social media posts and a loud buzz on Twitter, Maniesh Paul has received an outpouring of support and admiration. With 3.5 million views this week, Rafuchakkar has scored a spot among the top 5 most watched shows on IMDb.

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Rafuchakkar Web Series Release Date and Time

The online series Rafuchakkar is currently available to stream on JioCinema.  The OTT platform received it on June 15, 2023. Digital versions of the first two episodes are currently accessible. Every day from June 16 to June 22 you can see one episode. Nine episodes make up the series. It’s available for free streaming. Rafuchakkar all episodes download in Hindi Maniesh practically disappears in each appearance, mastering not just the visual elements but also giving different characters life in Rafuchakkar through his remarkable acting skills. Rafuchakkar OTT download Since the first season of Rafuchakkar on JioCinema earned positive reviews from critics and viewers alike, season 2 is eagerly awaited.

Web SeriesRafuchakkar
CastManiesh Paul, Priya Bapat, Sushant Singh, Aksha Pardasany, Aakash Dahiya, Pushkar Priyadarshi, Siddharth Joukani, Abudhar Al Hassan, Bhawsheel Sahni, Chahat Vig, Lekha Prajapati
Release date15 June 2023
Seasons1 season
Episodes10 episodes
Original networkJioCinema
Distributed byJioCinema
ProducerRahul Rawat
ProductionJio Studios
DirectorRitam Srivastava
Series TypeComedy Drama

Rafuchakkar download filmyhit Maniesh Paul’s unwavering commitment and extraordinary skills are demonstrated by the growing interest in watching the advancement of his skill set. Maniesh Paul, an actor, is well-known for his comedic timing and levity in his works. In his upcoming web series, Rafuchakkar, he will appear in an entirely new avatar. He portrays the main character in it, who is believed to be a serious and gritty kind.

Rafuchakkar Jio Cinema Trailer

On June 7, 2023, JioCineme uploaded the Rafuchakkar official trailer to YouTube. There have been more than 8.4 million views thus far. Expect the unexpected, Prince karne humare dil aur dimaag ko Rafuchakkar, states the trailer’s synopsis. Rafuchakkar all episodes download in Hindi The show promises to be a complex tale centred on a con man who needs to establish his innocence in court. One of the most popular JioCinema shows, Rafuchakkar, starring Maniesh Paul, has fans wondering when a second season will start airing. Here is all the information you require regarding JioCinema’s Rafuchakkar’s second season.

Maniesh Paul has deftly entered the spotlight, giving a flawless performance that has a lasting impact on audiences. Rafuchakkar watch online free YouTube The television programme Rafuchakkar is marketed as a thriller-drama. On social media, a picture of Rafuchakkar’s debut appearance has gone viral. Maniesh Paul put forth a lot of effort to portray five different looks for his character, suffering difficult bodily changes and donning prosthetic makeup, displaying incredible patience and unflinching dedication.

Rafuchakkar in Hindi Cast

Due to its success, Rafuchakkar, starring Maniesh Paul, is probably going to get a second season. The fact that it is one of the most watched films on JioCinema right now suggests that Rafuchakkar will get a second season. Rafuchakkar watch online free YouTube In June 2024, JioCinema is anticipated to host the launch of Rafuchakkar’s second season. Given the favourable word-of-mouth, there is a strong possibility that JioCinema will order a second season of the Maniesh Paul-starring drama. He has left spectators wanting more by displaying an aspect of his persona that hasn’t been fully explored.

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The second season of Rafuchakkar on JioCinema hasn’t been formally renewed yet. Rafuchakkar is projected to return for a second season due to the show’s popularity. Rafuchakkar’s first-look photo is going viral on social media. Rafuchakkar all episodes download in Hindi The series manages to pique viewers’ interest thanks to the poster. The online series Rafuchakkar was included in the video when Jio Studios revealed its future slate of 100 titles, originals, movies, and more at an event. The following is a list of the cast and crew.

  • Ritu Bhandari is played by Priya Bapat.
  • Shaurya Chautala is played by Aksha Pardasany.
  • Pawan Kumar Bawaria is played by Maniesh Paul.
  • Sarvesh Pathania is played by Sushant Singh.
  • Pushkar Priyadarshi
  • Aakash Dahiya

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The protagonist of the Rafuchakkar web series is Prince, a crafty con guy who excels at deceiving the powerful and corrupt. Rafuchakkar all episodes download in Hindi However, when he is detained by an ambitious Crime Branch officer, his fortunes change. Rafuchakkar OTT download When Prince is pitted against an accomplished and well-known attorney, the proceedings take an unexpected turn. The nine-episode thriller-drama Rafuchakkar centres on the life of Prince Pawan Kumar Bawaria, an apparently unremarkable Nainital resident.

However, when he is detained and charged with defrauding numerous influential people around the nation, his world takes an unsettling turn. Rafuchakkar watch online free The tale regrettably loses its pace halfway through and gets entangled in a confusing web of unneeded twists and turns that seem improbable, despite the series’ appealing premise at the beginning. Although the plot of Rafuchakkar is not yet fully developed, Maniesh Pauls’s character is seen standing in the dock and confessing his guilt in the courtroom. The snippet is visible in a video Jio Studios posted.

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As the court case develops, it becomes harder to determine whether Prince is guilty or innocent, leading viewers to speculate as to whether he is the true con artist or perhaps an innocent victim caught up in a complex web of lies. On the day of his parent’s wedding anniversary, Pawan Kumar Bawaria (Maniesh Paul), a simpleton from Nainital, was taken into custody by Shaurya Chautala (Aksha Pardasany). He was taken into jail and then presented before the court.

Rafuchakkar all episodes download in Hindi Jaidev (Akash Dahiya), a childhood friend, volunteered to represent him in court, while Ritu Arora (Priya Bapat), one of the most well-known lawyers in the area, took on the role of prosecutor. The series’ main character, Maniesh Paul, portrays a con artist. Rafuchakkar watch online free The role of the adversary is played by Sushant Singh. Priya Bapat, Aakash Dahiya, Aksha Pardasany, and more actors star in it in addition to these two. Rafuchakkar was created by Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D. Nishandar. The online series is directed by Ritam Shrivastav. 

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Rafuchakkar’s first episode’s plot is still unknown, although Maniesh Pauls’s character may be seen appearing in the courtroom and acknowledging his guilt. Watch the footage in a Jio Studios video. Maniesh Paul portrays a crafty man as the main character in the series. Sarvesh Pathania (Sushant Singh), a member of parliament who also happened to be a businessman involved in several illegal financial transactions, was one of his victims. Rafuchakkar download filmyhit Pawan sought out Pathania’s daughter, promised to marry her, and set up a meeting between them.

Pawan tricked Pathania by assuming the identity of Ajay Chauhan, the son of a powerful businessman, and promising to start a city chopper service that would provide faster travel around the nation. As a result, he obtained a large sum of money from him. This deception infuriated Sarvesh, who reported Pawan. Rafuchakkar web series watch online Hotstar In order to establish Pawan’s culpability as the con artist, Ritu testified in court alongside Sarvesh and other witnesses.

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The antagonist Is portrayed by Sushant Singh. It also has Priya Bapat, Aakash Dahiya, Aksha Pardasany, and more actors in addition to these two. Rafuchakkar watch online free Arjun Singh Baran and Kartk D. Nishandar came up with the idea for Rafuchakkar. Ritam Shrivastav is the series’ director for the web. In order to establish Pawan’s culpability as the con artist, Ritu testified in court alongside Sarvesh and other witnesses. Jaidev, however, remained unwavering in his resolve to establish his friend’s innocence.

Rafuchakkar all episodes download in Hindi Three ladies, including the wife of a food inspector, were among the witnesses Ritu presented. These women had likewise been duped by Pawan’s sly methods. Rafuchakkar web series watch online Hotstar They were duped into signing up for Pawan’s gym membership by his alluring appearance and bogus promises when he was posing as Kirtan Gada, the proprietor of a gym. Rafuchakkar download filmyhit The women soon learned that the gym instructor, Kirtan Gada, had disappeared along with their 5 lakh rupees.

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An upcoming web series created by Jio Studio is called Rafuchakkar. It is one of the web series that was revealed at a significant event on April 12, 2023, at the Jio Convention Centre. Rafuchakkar all episodes download in Hindi Jio Studios said that it is developing over 100 web series and films. The Jio Cinema app will eventually stream content in Marathi, Bengali, and Gujarati in addition to Hindi. It was interesting to learn that the food inspector had ties to Pawan Kumar’s family and that his wife had ended up as one of Pawan’s victims.

He was in charge of closing down Pawan’s father-in-law’s company, Agarwal Biscuit Industries. Rafuchakkar download filmyhit It became clear that Pawan was motivated by a desire for vengeance when he committed these atrocities. Rafuchakkar OTT download  For his involvement in a scam in which he deceived several powerful people by assuming phoney identities, Pawan was charged criminally. These facts make it increasingly clear that Pawan Kumar was the con artist behind all of the accusations made against him.

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The accusations against him were not without merit. But the issue still stands: What propelled Pawan to commit such crimes? In court the next day, Pawan admitted to his crimes and revealed his real names were Ajay Chauhan, Kirtan Gada, and Manojeet Walia. Rafuchakkar download filmyhit He voluntarily took whatever sentence the court handed down. But in return for his admission, Pawan filed a complaint against Pathania and persuaded the judge to allow an inquiry into Pathania’s criminal behaviour.

Rafuchakkar web series watch online Hotstar To keep Pawan’s family safe from Pathania, Shaurya made sure they left the nation safely. Pawan was headed to jail when a shocking turn of events occurred. Rafuchakkar watch online free YouTube Pawan cleverly set up a smokescreen in the police jeep, knocking the guards out cold and letting him get away. In the middle of the road, he got out of the car and found his parents. Jaidev intervened on their behalf and found the family a secure hiding place.

Rafuchakkar Web Series Download 720p FAQ

Who is the director of Rafuchakkar?

The director of Rafuchakkar is Ritam Srivastava.

Where to watch Rafuchakkar online?

You can watch the above series online on Jio Cinema.

When Rafuchakkar is released?

This series is released on 15th June 2023.

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