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Raundal Movie Download [FHD, 1080p, 480p, 720p] Review

Raundal Movie in Hindi Dubbed 480p 720p – Raundal Movie in Hindi Dubbed is a Marathi language movie directed by Gajanan Nana Padol. Bhau Shinde played the lead role in the Raundal movie. Raundal Movie is an action movie, and we know that most of our audience loves to watch an action movies. So they are constantly searching to watch this movie.

Raundal Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed

Raundal Movie Release Date is 3 March 2023. Running time of Raundal Movie is 147 minutes. People are constantly searching the internet by typing Raundal Movie Download to watch this movie. However, stay connected with us and scroll down for Raundal Full Movie Online Watch and Download.

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The movie raundal is the story of a farmer from Maharashtra who knows how to grow agricultural produce but finds it difficult to sell it. Shiva Jadhav wants to serve the country by joining the army but he fails in his training and gets back to his village.

A depressed Shiva has no goal further until his grandfather makes him realize that he belongs to the family of farmers and by doing farming he can serve the country. Shiva starts farming various crops on his land and cannot take injustice happening to the farmers as they work hard to cultivate crops.

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Raundal Full Movie Release Date and Time

Raundal movie download 360p 480p 720p is directed by Gajanan Nana Padol. The movie was released on March 3, 2023, in India in Marathi and Hindi languages. The village mainly relies on sugarcane crops when harvesting time comes no laborers turn to the village following which they decide to visit the factory owner Anna. But his rude son Bittu tells them that due to limited votes from their village, his father lost the seat in elections and hence they will have to harvest the crops themselves.

CastBhau Shinde, Neha Sonwane, Yashraj Dimbale, Surekha Dimbale, Shivraj Walvekar
Release date3 March 2023
Distributed byPanorama Studios
LanguageMarathi, Hindi
Bhoomika Films and Entertainment, Rise Entertainment
Produced byBalasaheb Shinde, Purushottam Bhapkar, Pramod Bhaskar Chaudhary, Bhau Shinde
Running Time147 minutes
DirectorGajanan Nana Padol
Movie TypeAction Drama Film

Shiva and the rest of the villagers harvest the crops themselves and go to sell them to the factory but their village is ignored for 80 days while the crops of neighboring villages are taken. Shiva cannot tolerate this and slams into Bittu’s office and wacks him badly further leading to an ugly battle between the two.

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Raundal Full Hindi Movie Cast

I saw the show a few hours back and it was a sure delight to watch a Marathi movie done with such elegance and crispness. Having Marathi as my mother tongue helped me understand a lot of context that gets lost in translation for non native viewers. I won’t go into the story as I really wish you would watch the movie and be surprised with the freshness of a love story seldom told with such honesty and rooted in reality.

It could have easily succumbed to being another Bollywoodish love story, shallow and melodramatic. Kudos to Nagraj Manjule for not bowing to the formulated templates being dished out nowadays. The full cast of the raundal Marathi movie download in Hindi is as follows:

  • Yashraj Dimbale
  • Neha Sonwane
  • Bhau Shinde
  • Shivraj Walvekar
  • Sanjay Lakade
  • Surekha Dimbale
  • Ganesh Deshmukh
  • Sagar Lokhande

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Watch Raundal movie online free as it scores very high on the dialogues partly because there is no attempt made to pander to city audiences. The language is kept so close to rural Marathi from Western Maharashtra that city slickers might easily miss the clever one liners that make even an average line an attention grabber. Slang used throughout the movie adds an earthly quality.

This has to be the most significant factor to bring the people to the theater. In the absence of known faces, the film depended a lot on the music to get people interested before the release and Ajay Atul did not disappoint! The melodies are few of the sweetest ones heard in years and they are served in varying degrees of moods too. From a dreamy melody for parshya to the melodious fusion of Rock to vocals for archie juxtaposed with the puppy dances from the music stands out for special attention. I get the feeling of having heard parts of the score before though. I cannot pinpoint exactly.

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Recording the symphony in Sony studios, LA has made the songs more enjoyable. Personally, I would rate them very close, if not better, then soundtracks from legends like nino rota,ennio morricone, Hans Zimmer and James horner. Nagraj Manjule proves once again that movies with a message can be entertaining without being preachy.

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Watch Raundal full movie online in Hindi especially, with the kind of subject he deals with it becomes very important to make sure it does not slip into a rhetoric bordering on a bias. It could be disastrous for a movie to hurt sentiments in India and get away with it. He treads the narrow path with elegance and yet manages to shove a bitter pill down the throat of the audience without them knowing it.

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Raundal Marathi Movie Download Isaimini

Nagraj has successfully coated a bitter pill in a sweet first half and sour second half that strikes the right chord as soon as it hits you in the end. Thank god for not reducing the length of the film. Raundal movie download 360p 480p 720p was equally enjoyable the second time around as well. Not to forget the master stroke of a c***** literally evoked a standing ovation from me again. Just wondering whether it was really edited a bit. Either way is an excellent effort. This is the very first time I ever watched a Marathi movie and I must say I was not disappointed. The actors delivered a top-notch performance.

The best thing about this movie is the direction and cinematography. There are no item numbers, heavy makeup, fancy sets, or CGI. All you look at is normal people portraying a story in a very believable atmosphere. I really liked the first part of the movie. The streets, houses, and fields of the village are just so fascinating. There is no item number. There is no n*****. There is no cheesy comedy. Just a plane yet gripping story. Bollywood and Pakistani filmmakers must look at this film as an example. The ending scenes have a huge impact and leave you in shock and grief. Hats off to the director.

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After a huge publicity and a long wait, the expectations were already high from the movie and yet this movie delivered on every level. Raundal means zeal, passion, or ardor. It is not a new story, we have seen similar plots on screen before. What makes this movie so special is its beauty in simplicity. Every character feels so real and believable that I actually forgot they are just acting in front of the camera.

The cinematography, screenplay, music, background score, and performance direction all are top-notch!! There is a lot I can see about raundal Marathi Movie Download in Hindi, but it spoils the fun for those who want to watch. The first half is totally hilarious and funny, it is like a sweet dream for all love birds out there. The second half is a hell lot of reality, but that is what makes it a masterpiece.

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Raundal movie download 360p 480p 720p is released with English subtitles, so it does not matter whether you are Marathi speaking or not, I recommend you go watch this movie, especially if you want to witness the life of simple yet complex village people.

Of course some meaning is always lost in translation, but I am sure you would not be disappointed. Hats off to Nagraj sir and the entire team. If such quality cinema is produced in the Marathi industry, then we don’t need to go looking for that in Bollywood and Hollywood. Keep them coming!!

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This is undoubtedly a masterpiece of cinema. Beautiful cinematography, flying birds, farms, sun, grass , plants and a well. Acting part is very very natural. Nine rasa are used in this movie. Characterization is unique yet so realistic. This makes the movie all time fresh. Watch Raundal movie online free as once you watch it you cannot flavor the movie ever. Music is awesome, it is not overpowering the visuals.

Unfortunately, I do not understand the lyrics, but I am still singing! Sudden sarcasm, harshness and shows very beautifully. I am a girl who always dreamed of making movies, and this is so inspiring to me. A big thank you to the makers.

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Nagraj manjule does it again!! He proved that he is not a one film wonder kind of filmmaker and he is here to stay. Marathi cinema is proving its greatness now and then by giving back to back gems like this movie!!! I had some doubts about this movie as I felt it was the same old love story but thank you Nagraj Manjule for proving me wrong. Raundal Marathi movie download in Hindi is the best movie I have ever seen on this topic.

Music by the great duo Ajay Atul is great as always, their music adds more to the love story. Music will make you feel the love between the leads. Acting by the cast needs a special mention. Not just the lead pair but the whole cast did a great job.


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Who is the director of the movie raundal?

The movie raundal is directed by Gajanan Nana padol.

Where can I watch the movie raundal?

You can watch the movie in your nearby theaters.

When will the movie raundal be released?

The movie raundal would be released on March 3, 2023 in India in Marathi and Hindi languages.

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