ThopTV APK Download v50.7.8 Latest Version For Android [May 2023] - PM Sarkari Yojana

ThopTV APK Download v50.7.8 Latest Version For Android [May 2023]

ThopTV App Download Latest Version Apk v50.7.8 – ThopTV 2023 Version is a popular application for watching live streaming. Also, this app is the best option to watch premium content for free. Users are visiting various websites to download ThopTV App. Also now cricket lovers are downloading ThopTv Apk or searching for its alternative app to watch ThopTV Live Cricket.

ThopTV APK Download

By downloading Thop Tv Apk Android you can watch live cricket scores and various other premium content. But this is an illegal app to watch live streaming. So read our post before downloading Thop Tv App on your mobile. Because you cannot download such apps directly from Google Play Store.

ThopTV App Download Latest Version v50.7.8 2023

Many people are constantly searching the internet to download ThopTV App. Especially cricket lovers are downloading Thop Tv Pro Apk to watch live cricket scores. ThopTV App is an illegal pirated content application so you can’t download this app directly from the google play store because it violates google’s policy. Also downloading and uploading pirated content is a legal offense according to the copyright laws of the government, so the government bans applications like ThopTV Apk Pro.

ThopTV App v50.7.8 Download

App NameThopTV
DeveloperThopTV Team
Current Versionv50.7.8
Last UpdatedMay 21, 2023
Android support5.0 and up
APK Size44.62 MB
Download5 Million +
Platform (OS)Android

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV App is a free android app that allows users to watch a variety of online content and live streaming. With Thop Tv app you can enjoy Thop Tv Live Cricket Scores, TV Shows, Live TV, Live News, Movies, Sports, etc. Users can use ThopTV for free on computers and mobile devices. Through this app, you can watch the content of various premium channels for free. And channels and content in different languages ​​of the whole world like Test Matches, World Cup, ICC World Cup, IPL Live Streaming you can watch through this app.

Actually, with Thop Tv Apk Download you replace apps like Hotstar and Sony LIV. ThopTV Free Download has the perception that users can watch all the content available here for free. ThopTV has been downloaded by more than 1 crore people.

ThopTV APK Download Google Play Store

ThopTV APK Download Google Play Store

ThopTV App is available for Free Download. But you will be surprised to know that ThopTV App is an illegal pirated app and that’s why we can’t download this app directly from Google Play Store. People of India now think of downloading ThopTV App to watch live streaming first and then they search for ThopTV Alternative App. Here we provide some information about ThopTV Apk Download Latest v50.7.8.

Thop Tv Latest Version v50.7.8 for Android

If you are Android user then you can download ThopTV Apk. ThopTV is an illegal pirated website that provides users with various premium content for free such as ThopTV Live Cricket Score, TV Shows, Web Series, Movies, etc. You cannot download ThopTV APK directly from Google Play Store.

Because according to Google Play Store policy you can never download apps like Thop TV Pro Apk there. So people are constantly searching that how to download ThopTV Apk. And that’s why we made this post about installing ThopTV App.

How to Download ThopTV Apk?

To download ThopTV App you need to visit the official website first. Just like downloading the app from Google Play Store, here you can install ThopTV App easily. You just follow the below given steps and Download ThopTV App.

  • First, you need to search Download ThopTV APK in your browser to download ThopTV Real Apk.
  • And then you will see many websites, you click on any one.
  • After reaching the website you need to click on the ThopTV Apk Download button.
  • Now after a while Top Tv Apk will download automatically on your device.

How to install ThopTV Apk?

Now after downloading the app follow the below given process for how to install ThopTV Apk which you have a problem with.

Before that you need to know some information, since you are not downloading this app directly from the play store, you have to change some settings manually on your mobile.

Because you downloaded ThopTV Pro Apk manually. And again and again, people are searching for how to install ThopTV App not able to install the app. Anyway, follow the below mentioned process to install.

  • To install ThopTV app you first need to click on install button.
  • And then you need to go to your mobile settings.
  • After opening the settings of the mobile, enable install unknown apps.
  • And then again click on Install button of ThopTV Apk.
  • Now Thop Tv Apk will be installed on your mobile.

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ThopTV App Latest Version Features 2023

Less can be said about ThopTV App Features. Because this app we use for live streaming and this app has lots of features. And people love ThopTV App for its innovative features. This app is user-friendly so all people can use it easily.

  • ThopTV App is very easy to use, and you can easily use it even if you are using it for the first time.
  • Through ThopTV you can watch different types of Tv Shows, Movies, and Sports channel content.
  • ThopTV App contains more than 3000 TV channels and more than 5000 radio channels.
  • And most people use ThopTV to watch live cricket scores.
  • With Thop Tv Apk you can watch video songs.
  • Also you will be surprised that you can download many other apps through ThopTV App.
  • You can watch live streaming with full HD quality through ThopTV App.

How to Update ThopTV APK?

Many people want to download the latest version of ThopTV App after it is made available on the internet for download. But they don’t know how to update ThopTV App Latest Version. You can update this app through below information.

  • You need to open a browser on your mobile device and type ThopTV Apk Download Latest Version.
  • Now many websites will appear in front of you, you have to enter any one of them.
  • And then you need to download Thop Tv Apk latest version.
  • After downloading ThopTV App you need to uninstall the old version of ThopTV App.
  • And then you have to install a new one.

How do you use TopTv Apk?

There are many people who are not aware of how to use ThopTV App after downloading it. And since it’s an illegal pirated app, you won’t get instructions on how to use one from the Google Play Store either. You can use ThopTV App on your mobile very easily through the details given below.

  • To use one you first need to open the ThopTV App.
  • And then the app will open on your mobile and you can click on the menu for more options.
  • Now you will get many options like ThopTV Movies, Live Cricket Score, Sports, etc. You have to click on the option of your choice.
  • And then content will be displayed according to your selected options.
  • And you can easily use ThopTV App on your mobile in this way.

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How to watch ThopTV Live Cricket Score?

With ThopTV you can watch live cricket scores apart from movies and various web series.

  • First, you need to open the app on your mobile phone.
  • Then you have to click on the Live Show option.
  • Now many contents will appear in front of you and you have to click to give the option of Live Cricket Matches.
  • And this way you can watch live cricket from ThopTV.

ThopTV APK Download for PC

As ThopTV is an illegal one you cannot download it directly from Google Play Store. But people use different methods to download this app. However, if you have used ThopTV Pro Apk or heard the name of this app then let you know that you can use this app on your computer and mobile device. In fact, this app allows users to watch premium content like cricket scores, live streaming, and entertainment content like TV shows and movies for free. But since it is an illegal app, we never recommend downloading such apps.

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How to download ThopTV for Smart TV?

ThopTV App allows you to download it on mobile and computer as well as on your smart TV. But to know how to download Thop Tv Apk on your smart TV follow the below mentioned process.

  • First, you need to download a Mobile to Smart TV App on your Smart TV.
  • And then install the app.
  • And now you can mirror directly from mobile ThopTV mobile to Smart TV.

Best ThopTV Alternative App Download

Many people are searching for ThopTV Alternative or ThopTV similar apps for Android. ThopTV App is a popular app to watch live scores and cricket matches. But since it is an illegal app, the government bans such apps. And so people are searching for ThopTV Alternative App. The following apps can be a good alternative to Thop Tv Apk.

  • RTS TV Apk
  • PikaShow Apk
  • Picasso APK
  • Titanium TV Apk
  • TeaTV APk
  • Videobuddy APK
  • Pikachu App
  • Hotstar Mod Apk
  • HD Streamz App
  • RedBox App
  • Pikashow APK
  • Disney+Hotstar

Is ThopTV App Safe to Use?

ThopTV APK Pro is an application for watching illegally pirated movies and various other entertainment programs. Uploading and downloading pirated content is a legal offense under government law. So we don’t think an illegal app can ever be secure. After downloading ThopTV you can watch various entertainment programs for free.

Is ThopTV banned in India?

Yes, ThopTV App has been banned by the government in India. Because it was a pirated app that was distributing pirated content to the public for free. And that’s why this app comes under copyright law, and the Indian government banned ThopTV App completely from India.


We never intend to promote or encourage piracy. ThopTV is a pirated app that is completely illegal. The government has banned such apps. Because this app violates government copyright laws. We strictly follow the copyright laws of the government so here we do not provide any link to download the app. All the content mentioned here is to make our readers aware of such pirated apps. We advise our readers to always use legal platforms to watch movies and live cricket scores.

Thoptv apk old version download FAQ

Why ThopTV App Not Working?

ThopTV App is banned by the government as it is an illegal website and app. If you are using ThopTV Apk old version then it is not working right now, so you need to download ThopTV App Latest Version Apk now, and then it will start working.

Is the use of ThopTV illegal?

Yes, ThopTV App provides various types of pirated content on their platform without permission from concerned authorities. And uploading and downloading pirated content is a legal offense according to government laws. So it is an illegal pirated app.

What is ThopTV Pro Apk?

With ThopTV APK you can use almost all the features, but if you want to use more advanced features in this app then you need to install ThopTV Pro Apk.

How to create an account ThopTV App?

You don’t need to create an account in ThopTV App, because it is an illegal pirated app, and you can use this app without creating an account.

Can I download ThopTV to my iPhone?

ThopTV App is made for Computer and Android devices. Currently, this app is not available for iPhones.

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