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The newest Nollywood movie on Netflix, A Sunday Affair, premiered on February 21, 2023. It’s a comedy-drama that’s heavy on soap suds and, occasionally, s*xiness, though its love-triangle plot suggests that two best friends accidentally dating the same man could end badly.

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The best friends inevitably wind up together at odds plotline in A Sunday Affair is handled obediently and unremarkably.

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The Individuals in this film appear to lead opulent lives, and Taylaur displays a keen eye for settings and costumes, but the screenplay takes a less committed approach to the characters and their interactions. In terms of their sexual politics, Toyin and Uche are alternately liberal and conservative, yet they never go much further.

A Sunday Affair Hollywood Movies Download Ikpe-Etm and Egbuson-Akande portray the lived-in comfort that comes from being inseparable for a lifetime together, but their individual interactions with Erhuero are unsatisfying due to a screenplay that doesn’t delve past the scenario’s lascivious surface. Because of how poorly the Sunday character is written, we see him struggle with the ethical implications of his two-timing behavior but never truly believe it.

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The movie will be available on Netflix on February 14th. Sunday Affair tries to touch your emotions and engrosses you in the characters’ struggles but it is reluctant to get into the specifics of the matter. By using this kind of strategy the movie won’t have any lasting effects and by the time the credits roll, you’ll either be perplexed have forgotten most of what you’ve just witnessed or both.

MovieA Sunday Affair
CastDakore Egbuson-Akande, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Oris Erhuero
Release date14 February 2023
Distributed byNetflix
LanguageEnglish, Thai
EbonyLife Films, EbonyLife TV
Produced byInem King, Sonia Nwosu, Joshua Olaolu
Running time96 minutes
DirectorWalter Taylaur
Movie TypeAfrican Romantic Dramas Movies

Watch A Sunday Affair on Netflix Official Site the three ladies end up in a love triangle without realising they are seeing the same man. While this is going on, Sunday is torn between the two friends as they shortly encounter an unexpected tragedy. It has a running duration of roughly 1 hour and 36 minutes, is directed by Walter Taylaur, and was written by Darrel Bristow-Bovey.

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A Sunday Affair Movie Official Trailer

The trailer opens with Uche and Toyin meeting at a wedding, where it can be seen that Uche and Sunday are getting to know one another as well as more. Shortly after, we see Sunday and Toyin getting on a train together, and romance seems to be in the air between them as well. When Toyin learns she has cancer, the relationship becomes sad rather than the standard love triangle. Sunday is no longer allowed to be that partner who dumps a person because of their illness.

A Sunday Affair Movie Download Free any movie’s teaser builds up a lot of anticipation among viewers as they wait for the film to be published. Sunday admits to being in love with both of them at the end of the trailer, but he has to pretend to be Toyin’s boyfriend in front of Uche, who he also loves. We’ll see who he ultimately decides to date in the end, as well as whether Toyin ever learns that she is having a three-way romance with her own best friend.

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A Sunday Affair Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Cast

Being the ones who represent the original character, the cast of the movie is crucial to its success. Although Sunday Affair’s main performances are strong and its technical accomplishments are respectable, its weak love triangle plot is at best mediocre. This aimed-at-pleasing romantic comedy, which was published on Valentine’s Day, slips a little too much and concentrates on pleasing so much that it becomes cloying.

A Sunday Affair Movie Download in Hindi

To give in to the enticement presented by A Sunday Affair, you really need to want it and have cupids and hearts all over your house. Nse Ikpe-Etim, a well-known actor from Nigeria, who portrays Uche, Dakore Egbuson-Akande, who plays Toyin, Oris Erhuero, who plays Sunday, Alexx Ekubo (from Weekend Getaway), Uzor Osimpkpa (from Fifty), Chris Iheuwa (from Rattlesnake), and Hilda Dokubo are all listed among the actors and crew (Accidental Affair).

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The movie opens in Lagos in 1999, where Uche and Toyin can be seen to have been closest friends since they were young. They always support one another and will go to great lengths for one another. They maintain their close relationship into maturity and go to Uche’s sister’s wedding in 2023. Although he is seen with his wife and daughter, Uche’s eyes are drawn to a man from the groom’s family.

She continues to pursue him despite this because she says she prefers married males. A sunday affair movie download in hindi Toyin, on the other hand, is leery of the man and counsels her closest friend to be as well. However, fate has a plan, and one day Toyin discovers herself on a train with the same man. Additionally, the Telegram app will give you various channels through which you can quickly access this movie using a link.

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A Sunday Romance is Netflix’s most recent addition. This Netflix Original, which was directed by Walter Taylaur, is dull, lifeless, and a little bit of a snooze. Uche and Toyin two longtime pals are involved in a love triangle. Sunday they both fall for the same guy. A Sunday Affair Movie Download Free certainly, Sunday is his name. He is surprised and perplexed that two ladies have developed feelings for him and he is unsure of which one to choose.

Additionally, the narrative in this film which was shot in the stunning city of Lagos is rather lifeless. In addition to being present at Uche’s sister’s wedding where Uche hooks up with a married guy Uche and Toyin are still best friends.

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When Toyin urges her to exercise caution and resist her temptations. That serves as your first reminder to get ready for the significant letdowns that lie ahead. From the tamilrockers website, you can simply access this movie online. You will also see that Toyin encounters the man Uche slept with while travelling in this film. There is no reward for identifying this individual. A Sunday Affair Hollywood Movies Download in this movie on the train, Sunday seats next to her and explains what she’s not understanding.

He claims to be having a divorce and that he is now single once more. Sunday and Toyin begin courting. Since Uche is the sibling of her brother-in-law, Sunday must see him once more. Uche owns and operates an art gallery that is supported by wealthy donor Sam, who offers her money in return for sexual favours. Toyin on the other side, is trying to conceive.

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Although Sunday briefly wishes to end things with both women, his intentions aren’t clear-cut. He is frequently observed straddling dubious moral boundaries. As a viewer, you anticipate some shocking surprises when they both fell for Sunday. Watch A Sunday Affair on Netflix Official Site, you anticipate that their friendship will cease. You anticipate an enjoyable journey in which you are interested in how these characters grow and learn to let go. To the disappointment of the viewer, none of these occurrences take place.

This amazing and intriguing movie is available for download from both Moviesflix and the websites listed here. Despite everyone’s interest and hopes, neither of the ladies engages in physical conflict with the other. The most recent Nollywood movie available on Netflix is called A Sunday Affair, and it’s a product of their continuing partnership with EbonyLife Media in Nigeria.

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The two ladies in the movie fail to recognise Sunday as just another philanderer. Not just women are affected. In an attempt to defend a womThis movie is readily accessible from DailyMotion, one of the most popular sites for downloading free movies and television shows. No matter what, he swears to stand by her side. A Sunday Affair Movie Download 720p, Sunday and Uche put their issues on hold while Toyin starts chemotherapy.

Toyin eventually passes away. She writes in a letter that she was aware of their liaison and only wanted to share Sunday’s final few months with them.anizer’s behaviour in the name of “love,” the screenplay is poorly written. They sidestep even their disagreement over Sunday. You can download current movies and TV shows with Mp4moviez. A love triangle is supposed to be chaotic and emotional, but A Sunday Affair is neither of those things. The purpose of the movie is to make infidelity seem normal and appropriate.

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Sunday admits to his friend that he loves Uche and wants to spend the rest of his life with her just before he goes searching for Toyin. At the shore, he discovers her. She admits that a stage 3 cervical cancer diagnosis has been made. When Sunday reveals that his mother passed away from cancer when he was only ten years old, he brings her home and inspires her.

A Sunday affair movie download in Hindi, this movie is readily accessible from DailyMotion, one of the most popular sites for downloading free movies and television shows. No matter what, he swears to stand by her side. Sunday and Uche put their issues on hold while Toyin starts chemotherapy. Toyin eventually passes away. She writes in a letter that she was aware of their liaison and only wanted to share Sunday’s final few months with them.


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A Sunday Affair Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed FAQ

Where can we watch A Sunday Affair?

You can currently view “A Sunday Affair” on Netflix, but it is Netflix basic with Ads.

Who is the director of A Sunday Affair?

Walter Taylaur is the director of A Sunday Romance.

What is the release date and time of the A Sunday Affair movie?

Martin has been scheduled to be released on 14th February 2023 with an estimated running time of 1h 36m approx.

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