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August 16 1947 Movie Download MP4moviez and Telegram to Watch Online

N.S. Ponkumar is a 2023 Tamil film writer and director who is credited with August 16 1947. The aforementioned movie is scheduled to hit theaters on April 7, 2023. The movie, which is set in 1947, depicts a rural village’s struggle against the cruel British soldiers during India’s independence from the British. The battle of Paraman against the brutality of British general Robert Clive toward the Sengadu peasants is portrayed in the movie.

August 16 1947 Movie Download

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In August 16 1947 Movie Download in Hindi, NS Ponkumar, a first-time director, wants you to think deeply and emotionally. In August 16, 1947, torture—both physical and psychological—takes many different forms, both on the movie’s audience in the theater and within its anything-goes fictional universe. He is confident in the way his screenplay moves and engages you, and that confidence comes from the remarkable baseline he has in 1947.

The news of India’s independence from the colonial government may have taken some time to get to every nook and cranny of such a large country when communication wasn’t as advanced and you couldn’t make movies on TikTok, as was the case on August 14 for Sengadu, a village in Southern Tamil Nadu sandwiched between powerful mountains and snarling woods.

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August 16 1947 Full Movie Release Date and Time

On April 7, 2023, the movie was made available in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, and English around the world. In the film, the peasants are exploited like slaves by British General Robert Clive and are recognized for their high-quality cotton harvest. (Richard Ashton). This enormous creature is reportedly one of the officers who suggested to General Dyre that he slaughter hundreds of people in Jallianwala Bagh.

MovieAugust 16 1947
CastGautham Karthik, Jason Shah, Pugazh, Richard Ashton, Revathy Sharma
Release date7 April 2023
Distributed byKRG Studios
Production companyA. R. Murugadoss Productions, Purple Bull Entertainment, God Bless Entertainment
Produced byA. R. Murugadoss, Om Prakash Bhatt, Narsiram Choudhary, Vakil Khan
DirectorN. S. Ponkumar
Movie TypePeriod Action Drama Film

As a result, he was assigned to Sengadu as a punishment. Essentially, Sengadu is his land of slaves, and he is an animal that thrives on terror and flesh. August 16 1947, a Tamil-language film by Ponkumar, has been remade into Hindi and made available with a UA certificate. Parental guidance is advised for a movie that could seriously perplex young history buffs. After the intermission, there is a confusing plot, hammy acting, and a slew of senseless fatalities.

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August 16 1947 Full Movie Official Trailer

The movie’s teaser debuted in August 2022 to enthusiastic reviews from viewers. The suspenseful teaser, which is set during India’s partition, portrays Gautham as a Tamil Nadu freedom fighter. Revathy, a newcomer, represents his passionate interest in the film. Aggravate circumstances worse, the villagers are forced to hide their girls or murder them in order to keep Justin (Jason Shah), Robert’s deviant son, from touching them. Justin is just as evil as his father, even using the statue of the peasants’ deity for sexual gratification.

August 16, 1947, a production by AR Murugadoss, was made of the same stuff. The fictional tale takes place in Sengadu, a remote community where no one is aware that it has achieved independence. A remote Tamil Nadu village ruled by a ruthless British officer and his wicked son is about to become free, but the residents are unaware of it.

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August 16 1947 Movie Full Cast

Gautham Karthik, a young and gifted actor in the Tollywood film industry, plays the title character, a carefree and impressionable child. Selvakumar is acting as the director of photography on the technical front. Sean Roldan composed the score for the movie.

The day before independence, the British make numerous attempts to call Robert to a high-level conference and alert him of the news, but they are unsuccessful since the lone phone in his estate is being fixed. Om Prakash Bhatt, Narsiram Choudhary, and the director’s A.R. Murugadoss Productions are involved in its support. The movie’s co-producer is Aditya Joshi. The following is a list of the movie’s cast and crew.

  • Jason Shah as Justin, Robert’s son
  • Pugazh
  • Gautham Karthik as Paraman
  • Richard Ashton as Robert Clive
  • Revathy Sharma as Dipali
  • Madhusudhan Rao as landlord

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A.R. Murugadoss’s comeback to production occurs on August 16, 1947. Rangoon (2017), which he co-produced with Fox Star Studios and an ex-assistant, was his most recent movie. Ponkumar was once Murugadoss’s helper as well. Gautham Karthik’s debut hit came with Rangoon. The plot of August 16, 1947, directed by NS Ponkumar, is intriguing. After years of servitude and suffering, the prospect of gaining independence is emotionally charged.

August 16 1947 Movie Download Telegram

Yutha Satham, directed by Gautham Karthik, was released in 2022 but did poorly at the movie office. In addition to playing the lead role in August 16, 1947, the actor will appear alongside Simbu in the gangster drama Pathu Thala. The movie will have enough substance to keep viewers interested if a love story is added to it. Despite having all the required components, August 16, 1947 is a dud because of the planned events.

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Robert and Justin play the kind of comic book villains who make audiences laugh even as they engage in the most heinous behavior. While Justin pulls the young girls away to be raped, Robert violently torments the people. To prevent Justin from seeing their daughter (Revathy Sharma), a zamindar (Madhusudhan Rao) and his family keep her hidden. The plot is what happens in the days and hours leading up to their eventual independence.

Nobody in this movie speaks like a typical person, not the tyrant, not his local allies, not even his voiceless, voiceless victims. The officer snarls, his henchmen squeal and shout, and his subjects moan nonstop. Robert (Richard Ashton) uses a variety of lethal torture techniques to beat the villagers into submission.

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The servile men and women of Singaad are ruthlessly beaten, shot, scalded, or impaled. The type and harshness of the punishment they receive have nothing to do with how serious the “offense” actually was. If you see flashes of Django Unchained or Lagaan, it’s because this intriguing plot has a lot of potential and is slowly but surely destroyed over the course of two hours. In particular, NS Ponkumar is determined to spoon-feed us, drowning us in melodrama, and repeatedly expose us to senseless savagery in order to wring every last drop of emotion from us.

Ponkumar expands and prolongs everything he wants to say and do from the beginning, when Robert’s monstrous is repeatedly proven. In this historical drama movie, actress Revathy Sharma makes her acting debut as the love interest of Gautham. Along with the main actors, actor and comic Pugazh plays a significant role in the movie.

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The men of the British officer use sharp, flesh-tearing whips that, with each lash, rip open wounds and draw blood. They only only a small provocation to lose their minds. One man had his hands amputated after Justin, Robert’s son, was injured by one of his father’s nails. As if that weren’t enough, the workers who dare to request food, water, or a break to relieve themselves are put in a cauldron of constantly heating oil in the center of the hamlet.

The first look for the period drama movie, starring lead actor Gautham Karthik in charge of a riot with what appears to be a forest on fire in the background, was released by the film’s producers on May 25, 2022. The actor married actress Manjima Mohan in November 2022, which is personal news. Before advancing their romance, the couple had been dating for more than three years. The movie’s events take place one day after India gained freedom in 1947, as suggested by the title.

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In a later scene in the film, Robert and his son Justin have imposed terror on the cotton-rich Sengadu. Robert and Justin like the punishment methods used in the Middle Ages, such as using whips, cutting tongues, and placing bodies on spikes. Additionally, Justin preys on the Sengadu girls.

The intransigent are hung from sharply pointed poles nearby the perpetually boiling kettle and let to bleed to death in full view of onlookers. Other manifestations of death and fear loom large over the frightened village. The movie is directed by N S Ponkumar and features a cast that includes Gautham Karthik, Revathy, and Pugazh. Parents disguise their daughters as boys so they can avoid Justin’s glare.

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Worse, they dump the girls alive in order to prevent them from falling into Justin’s hands, as you can see in the movie mentioned above. The guiding principle is honor before life. It must be difficult to swallow, right? However, this is 1947, and the hamlet in question resides in constant terror. In terms of style, content, and spirit, the movie, on the other hand, is stuck in the past.

It is difficult to endure the suffering it subjects the audience to, thankfully only vicariously. The predator has an easy time smelling out his victim. A R Murugadoss, the director who financed the movie on August 16, 1947, published a brand-new poster and revealed that it would be released globally on April 7.


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August 16 1947 Full Movie In Hindi 480p FAQ

Where to watch August 16 1947?

You can download and watch the above movie from online sites.

Who is the director of August 16 1947?

On April 7, 2023, the movie received a worldwide release.

Who is the director of August 16 1947?

The movie is directed by N. S. Ponkumar.

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