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Enthaada Saji Movie Download in Hindi MP4moviez and Telegram to Watch Online

Nivetha Thomas, Kunchacko Boban, and Jayasurya play the main characters in Godfy Xavier Babu’s fantasy comedy Enthada Saji, which is set in 2023 and is in the Malayalam language. Jithu Damodar is the cinematographer and Ratheesh Raj is the editor on the “Enthada Saji” technical crew.

Enthaada Saji Movie Download in Hindi MP4moviez

The song is written by William Francis, however Jakes Bejoy is credited with providing the background music. Listin Stephen, working under the name Majic Frames, produces it.

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The OTTplay critic Sanjith Sidhardhan rated Enthada Saji a score of three out of five and said, “Simple and pleasing, Enthada Saji is made better by a few inviting sequences plus delightful performances of its cast.” It received mixed reviews from The Mathrubhumi. Download Enthada Saji Movie Leaked Online Sajimol, our main character, is single and had an unexpected cancellation of an engagement. She no longer has any chance of finding a reliable ally due to her reputation.

Enthada Saji movie watch online tamilrockers When she went to the chapel at one time, something supernatural transpired, and Saint Rocky appeared in front of her. Enthada Saji demonstrates the two’s friendship and how it aids Saji in resolving her problems. Enthada Saji, the directorial debut of Godfy Xavier Babu, is a film with a strong Christian foundation. The decision to release the movie on Holy Thursday, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, was therefore a wise one.

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Enthaada Saji Full Movie Release Date and Time

After a theatrical premiere on April 8, “Enthaada Saji,” starring Nivetha Thomas, Kunchacko Boban, and Jayasurya, made its online premiere on May 6 on Amazon Prime. Enthada Saji movie watch online tamilrockers Nivetha Thomas plays Sajimol in the movie, whose marriage becomes the topic of conversation of the town after an unfortunate incident.

MovieEnthaada Saji
CastNivetha Thomas, Kunchacko Boban, Jayasurya
Release date8 April 2023
LanguageMalayalam, Hindi
Distributed byTheaters
Magic Frames
Produced byListin Stephen
Running Time120 minutes
DirectorGodfy Xavier Babu
Movie TypeGothic mystery drama film

Download Enthada Saji Movie Leaked Online Enthada Saji movie sai dharam tej download Since noted in a review of Enthada Saji by Vignesh Madhu for Cinema Express, “Watching Enthada Saji feels like attending a meeting of prayer as its producers indulge in enough of preachiness, told predominantly through Bible verses.” Download Enthada Saji Movie Leaked Online In contrast to Kunchacko Boban, who exudes the necessary grace and divinity, Jayasurya, who plays a lengthy cameo, has almost nothing to contribute. It is quite terrible that such a bad script has managed to assemble such outstanding actors.

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Enthaada Saji Movie Official Trailer

However, it would take longer for a regular person to recover from the wounds of watching this movie if it took Jesus Christ three days to rise from the dead. There have been some great, touching tales of supernatural interventions in Malayalam movies in the past. Amen, Pranchiyettan & the Saint, and Nandanam are a few excellent examples. In the movie Enthada Saji, Sajimol talks in a friendly and humorous manner to the Saint.

Enthada Saji movie download in hindi dubbed Godfy Xavier Babu, the film’s writer-director, makes an attempt to give their discourse a Pranchiyettan-like texture. Beyond the idea of a lonely female speaking with Punyalan, the scripting of this film struggles to come up with compelling problems. Enthada Saji may have been a pleasant entertainment but ended up being a harmless dud since the second half became simply too easy and generic.

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Enthaada Saji Full Movie Star Cast

Nivetha Thomas’ arrogant performance further devalues the poorly conceived character. Nivetha, a competent actress ordinarily, makes an unflattering attempt to impersonate the chirpy Sajimol. Enthada Saji is so full of preachiness, largely told through Bible quotations, that watching it is like sitting in on a prayer meeting. As the titular Saji, Nivetha Thomas exudes the charm and humor one would hope for. Enthada Saji movie download in hindi dubbed If the pitch had been a little higher, the character might have been grating. But Nivetha was able to keep the protagonist out of that dangerous area.

Enthaada Saji movie download in hindi

Enthada Saji movie watch online In his protracted cameo-like performance as Saint Rocky, Kunchako Boban did well. Jayasurya also serves as Roy, Saji’s longtime secret crush, according to his appearance and beard. The other actors in the cast include Senthil Krishna, Siddhartha Shiva, Arya, Prem Prakash, Benny P Nairambalam, Prayaga Martin, etc.

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Enthaada Saji movie download in hindi mp4moviez

Intriguingly, ‘Enthaada Saji’ also sees the reuniting of Kunchacko Boban and Jayasurya, who earlier teamed up in the 2016 movie ‘Shajahanum Pareekuttiyum’. However, Jayasurya’s cameo in “Enthada Saji” is simply a friendly one, and the actor only spent eight days on set. Download Enthada Saji Movie Leaked Online Enthada Saji movie watch online tamilrockers Jayasurya described his function as having at most a pleasant appearance. Enthada Saji movie watch online Due to my friendship with Listin and Chackochan, I made the movie.

Although Enthada Saji and the aforementioned movies share a similar theme, it hardly shares any of their qualities. The protagonist of the story is Sajimol (Nivetha Thomas), an unusual friend of Rocky Punyalan (Kunchacko Boban). Historically, Saint Rocky (Saint Roch) has been revered as the patron saint of single men. In this film though, he is the guiding light of the unmarried Sajimol, who is the laughingstock of villagers after her wedding gets called off.

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Before meandering through an uninteresting romance track and a ridiculous heist plot, the story revolves primarily around Sajimol’s encounters with the Punyalan. Download Enthada Saji Movie Leaked Online As I already stated, the picture clearly has a lighthearted feel thanks to the casual and amusing conversation. Enthada Saji movie download hdhub4u However, the script’s absence of a compelling conflict makes its ignorance clear. You’ll assume at the intermission that Saji’s fear of confessing her love to Roy will keep the plot engaging.

Enthada Saji movie watch online tamilrockers But immediately as the second act starts, the movie completely disregards that track and pursues a different, less fascinating track of a missing Saint. The second half’s execution lacks appeal, and the author and the audience both seem to have forgotten about the movie’s romance subplot. The titular lead character, Sajimol, is a poorly written, completely flat persona. Her exchanges with the Punyalan seem to have been meant to be lighthearted and amusing, but none of them had any lasting significance.

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Godfy recognizes the source of inspiration at the start of the movie by mentioning Pranchiyettan and the Saint. But rather than crafting a gripping narrative, his writing chases multiple themes at different times. On paper, the biblical puzzle concept seemed intriguing. Enthada Saji movie download hdhub4u However, the writing’s spoon-fed style and facile plot twists made it appear too amateur when it came to execution. Jithu Damodar’s cinematography is mostly focused on beautiful images.

Enthada Saji movie download in hindi dubbed The music was quite standard. Jayasurya plays Roy, Saji’s longtime crush, while Boban has a lengthy cameo. Enthada Saji movie download hdhub4ubRatheesh Raj is the editor of the movie, and William Francis is the composer. The director of photography is Jithu Damodar. Despite having a 2 hour length, Enthada Saji never got boring to me. However, the second part of the writing was so weak that the movie sort of vanished as soon as you left the theater.

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The box office performance of “Enthada Saji” was below average, as is typical for most Malayalam movies with modest budgets. Critics gave the movie a mixed bag of opinions as well. While some people thought the movie was preachy and overly moralizing, others thought it was endearing. ‘Enthada Saji’ has finally debuted on streaming, nevertheless, after the movie’s theatrical run was completed. You can watch the fantasy comedy and determine whether it is uplifting or preachy for yourself. ‘Enthada Saji’ will be available for streaming, according to verified information from Binged.

Download Enthada Saji Movie Leaked Online Film enthusiasts can watch the movie over the weekend because it is currently streaming on Prime Video India. ‘Enthada Saji’ debuted in theaters on April 8 and went live on streaming exactly 28 days later. Enthada Saji movie download in hindi dubbed With more control over the film’s pacing on OTT, this would be a good choice for a laid-back afternoon viewing.  The setting for Enthada Saji is the Keralan village of Illickal in the Thodupuzha district.

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Enthada Saji Movie is a Malayalam movie that Listin Stephen produced under the name Magic Frames and is slated for release in India. IMDb states that after a movie is released, viewers will review it and give it a rating on a scale of 1 to 10. Enthada Saji movie watch online tamilrockers It’s anticipated that more than 60% of viewers would enjoy the movie. The main focus of Enthada Saji is the discussions between Saji Mol and Saint Rocky. Nivetha Thomas demonstrates her adeptness at comedic timing.

Her persona as a typical woman who constantly expresses rage about not hooking up, however, could have been more fully realized. Enthada Saji movie sai dharam tej download The happy Saji Mol has her wedding delayed for a variety of reasons. Every time people ask her about her marriage, she becomes outraged. When she is praying at a church one day, she meets Saint Rocky (Kunchako Boban). The subsequent occurrences caused her marriage to be dissolved.

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Moviegoers in Malayalam are excitedly awaiting the release of the new movie Enthada Saji, which stars two of the most well-known actors in the business: Kunchacko Boban and Jayasurya. Enthada Saji movie download hdhub4u As fans share their excitement for this new movie, this hotly awaited movie has already started trending on social media. To learn more about the upcoming Malayalam film, continue reading.

When the Enthada Saji movie debuts in theaters, everyone is eager to watch it at home on television. Enthada Saji movie download in hindi dubbed The distributor of the movie will grant the satellite broadcast rights to a TV network. Soon there will be an update on the movie Enthada Saji’s satellite rights situation. The Enthada Saji movie’s satellite rights will soon be made available on the official channel’s website. There will be a lot of advertising before the satellite release.


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When the movie Enthaada Saji is released ?

The above movie is released on 8th April 2023.

Who is the director of Enthaada Saji ?

The director of the above movie is Godfy Xavier Babu.

Where to watch Enthaada Saji ?

The above movie you can watch online as well as on OTT platform.

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