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Khela Hobe Movie Download in Hindi MP4moviez and Telegram to Watch Online

A lady named Shabbo (Mugdha Godse) chooses to run for office in Raghavgarh, India, in the political play Khela Hobe. She enters the race just to get vengeance on those who have oppressed her and her family. In contrast to other candidates Bachchu Lal (Manoj Joshi), Fareek Bhai, Girish Gupta (Sanjay Batra), and Fareekbhai (Om Puri), among others, the lady is running for office with a fresh and distinct platform. The remainder of Khela Hobe’s tale is what follows.

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This story centers on a woman who decides to run for office in order to exact revenge on the oppression she and her family have experienced. She fights the election with a new agenda, while other contenders fight the election on the basis of secularism and progress in the town. It is unclear whether the major contenders using the ancient agenda of secularism or progress will win, or if there will be some surprise in the results.

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The movie, which is set in a tiny town named Raghav Garh, centers on a group of candidates seeking to become the chairman of a local governing body. Each of these residents takes advantage of the controversy when an unidentified offender impregnates a young lady who is mentally handicapped for personal benefit. However, people are searching by typing Khela Hobe Movie Download to watch this movie.

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When it’s discovered that a helpless “Pagli” is pregnant, a Bollywood subject that has long been present is dirty politics. This movie portrays dirty politics in every scene. Director Sunil Sinha uses a variety of stakeholders to demonstrate how everyone is the same when it comes to pursuing political power and ambition, from Bachchu Lal (Manoj Joshi) pretending to genuinely care for Pagli and paying her hospital bills to Gupta (Sanjay Batra) opening an ashram by her name to Shabbo (Mugdha Godse) demanding a DNA test to find the perpetrator.

MovieKhela Hobe (film)
CastOm Puri, Mugdha Godse, Manoj Joshi, Rati Agnihotri
Release date24 February 2023
Distributed byUnited Media Works
Production companyTheme Arts International, Sunil C Sinha Production
Produced byRamesh Taurani, Akshai Puri
Running time124 minutes
DirectorSunil C Sinha
Movie TypeHindi-language Drama film

The film lacks handling and direction altogether, despite the star power. Manoj Joshi as Bachchu Lal, Mugdha Godse as Shabnam or Shabbo, and Sanjay Batra as Gupta, who are competing for the job of Chairman, give their best efforts in their parts. The majority of the characters, though, are too noisy and poorly developed.

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Pagli’s identity is kept a secret until the very end, when the narrative takes an unexpected turn that is predictable, weak, and hurried. The movie has election-related elements including using the secularism card and exploiting community politics. Shabbo is one of the main characters in the movie, and there is a reference to her past, although it is just half-baked.

Pagli is worshipped like a goddess as people come to her and make sacrifices. You may simply skip this movie because of the dull soundtrack and other flaws. Only those who want to watch Om Puri on the big screen for the last time should choose this one.

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Khela Hobe Short Flim Cast

Om Puri, Rati Agnihotri, Mugdha Godse, Manoj Joshi, Rushad Rana, Sanjay Batra, Sanjay Sonu, Sefali, Aaryan, and Ratan Mayal are among the cast members of Khela Hobe. Om Puri, who passed away recently, has a brief performance but shines out as the group’s fading leader and the lone decent guy. Fans won’t miss the irony when a character mentions that this is his last election since the movie is also the iconic actor’s farewell performance.

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His last scene, in which he is seen strolling along a lonely, dark street, is heartbreaking. This is her final time appearing on film. Equally potent is Rati Agnihotri, who plays his quarreling wife Rukhsana, who is angry with him for wasting their money in the last election.

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Bollywood drama Khela Hobe is a 2022 film that was produced and directed by Kumari Manju. Om Puri, Mugdha Godse, and Manoj Joshi play key roles in the film. Khela Hobe tells the tale of a mentally challenged lady. It’s an intriguing tale that centers on Shabbo (Mughda Veira Godse), who chooses to run for office only after seeing a video of a young woman who was raped and became pregnant. She is called Pagli (crazy).

Shabbo wants to get retribution for the abuse she and her family have experienced. She campaigns for the election with a vindictive mindset.

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Among the other candidates, some fight on the basis of secularism, while others use strategies like making false promises to raise the junta’s level of life. They all attempt to use the victim’s situation to their advantage in order to win the election.

The interesting story’s central question is what happens to her after the elections and if the candidates still have such genuine impulses for her. Director Sunil C Sinha has worked with other renowned filmmakers in the past, including Prakash Jha. No you can watch khela hobe movie watch online free.

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He succeeds in telling a touching tale of Pagli, a woman who experiences sexual harassment and conceives. Indeed, it is a sensitive issue. However, due to poor production values, the movie lacks opulence and fails to enhance the on-screen action. The directing of the movie also falters sometimes, as shown on screen.

Sunil’s directing abilities, on the other hand, are of a caliber to enthusiastically advance his art. Khela Hobe Movie Download 480p 720p and watch for free.

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The language in the movie uses words that politicians often use. Rajnetas often talk in slang, which makes up the majority of the language in the film. Such blows that produce electrifying moments don’t exist. The thrilling moments are absent. A more focused writing and brisk editing would have improved the grip.

There are a few politically charged scenes that excite the audience. The writing is antiquated and archaic in sections. The late Om Puri’s last motion picture. His celebrity and performance style are pretty clear. He has very few scenes, yet it is typical while still binding you.

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One can’t take their eyes off the screen because to Manoj Joshi’s beautiful and heartfelt performance. Mugdha did a good job in her role. She made an effort to keep it inside the bounds of acceptable political excitement as a politician. The other members of the cast have given their roles their best efforts. There isn’t much to choose from in terms of musical genres. The title track is uninteresting and in no way catchy. The pagli aspect is the only thing the movie has going for it. It goes without saying that it has not been cashed properly.

However, because Selfiee, starring Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi, is the only major movie opening this Friday, Khela Hobe may draw crowds thanks to its slogan-inspired title. If the movie is released with enough lead time, it may reach audiences at least in B and C centers. As a movie without major actors and directed by a first-time filmmaker seldom gets good reviews from theaters. Secure many theaters and prime showtime, it requires force. Khela Hobe Hindi Movie Download Free from any free website.

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Khela Hobe is directed by Sunil C. Sinha, who served as an assistant director on several Hindi movies in the 1980s and 1990s. Khela Hobe’s producers are Kumari Manju, Ravi Bhatt, and Shiva Bayappa, and the film is edited by Shiva Bayappa. Khela Hobe’s co-producers are Jagadeeshwar Rao and Arun Ojha. The music is directed by Harsh Raj “Harsh,” Sanjiv Chaturvedi, Ajay Keswani, and Rakesh Trivedi, while Ravi Kumar wrote the story and dialogue for Khela Hobe. Watch Khela Hobe Full Movie in Hindi Bilibili.


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Khela Hobe Full Movie Download FAQ

When will “Khela Hobe” be released?

Khela Hobe, starring Om Puri and Mugdha Godse, will be released on February 24, 2023.

Who is “Khela Hobe director?

Sunil C. Sinha is the director of “Khela Hobe.”

What genre belongs to “Khela Hobe”?

“Khela Hobe” is a “Drama” movie.

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