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Neelavelicham Movie Download in Hindi MP4moviez and Telegram to Watch Online

Neelavelicham Hindi Dubbed Movie Download 480p – Neelavelicham is a 2023 Indian horror thriller movie that was co-produced and directed by Aashiq Abu under the brand of OPM Cinemas.

Neelavelicham Movie Download in Hindi MP4moviez

An anonymous individual enters a deserted mansion at midnight, but is frightened off by a ghostly presence in the shadows as the movie opens. The movie premiered on April 20, 2023.

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An anonymous individual enters a deserted mansion at midnight, but is frightened off by a ghostly presence in the shadows as the movie opens. Neelavelicham Download 720p,480p, HD Literature endures for decades or even centuries before being rediscovered by a new generation, much like ghosts who wait forgotten and locked up for a kindred spirit to find and speak with them.

But the short narrative Neelavelicham by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, on which he based the script for Bhargavi Nilayam, is not a lost masterpiece. Watch Neelavelicham Full HD Movie Online The movie, which served as director A. Vincent’s first feature, was so well-received in Kerala that the term “Bhargavi Nilayam” came to refer to any abandoned home there. A dejected author checks into the village-based mansion known as Bhargavi Nilayam. The writer assumes that no one has lived in the house for a long time because it is absolutely dusty when he arrives.

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The movie premiered on April 20, 2023. When the author tells his friends that he is staying in Bhargavi Nilayam that evening, they explain why everyone is afraid of simply thinking about the mansion. Watch Neelavelicham Full HD Movie Online The writer then travels to meet his pals. During the 1950s, Bhargavi, a stunning young woman, lived. People claimed that Bhargavi’s ghost still dwelt thereafter she committed herself by plunging into a well due to a failed love relationship, which is why no one dared approach the home.

CastTovino Thomas, Rima Kallingal, Roshan Mathew, Shine Tom Chacko
Release date20 April 2023
Distributed byOPM Cinemas
Production companiesOPM Cinemas
Produced byAashiq Abu, Rima Kallingal
LanguageMalayalam, Hindi
Running Time132 minutes
DirectorAashiq Abu
Movie TypeHorror thriller film

Because of this, the new movie’s plot and emotional elements seem stale. It transformed a mystic and intellectual book into a popular horror movie. Neelavelicham Hai Download 4K Aashiq Abu, however, doesn’t present any such fresh view. Neelavelicham, however, simply ends up being a vibrant, frame-by-frame reproduction of Bhargavi Nilayam. Once the owner queries. The writer responds by saying he’ll come to the restaurant to eat instead after the restaurant owner explains that the lunch carrier is broken and the food cannot be delivered.

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Despite this, he begins cleaning the house because he has nowhere else to go. Later, as he enters a restaurant to get supper, the author asks the proprietor if they may transport food to his home. At first, the proprietor accepts. He nevertheless starts cleaning the house because he has nowhere else to go despite this. Later, as he walks inside a restaurant to order dinner, the author asks the owner if they can deliver meals to his house. Neelavelicham Hai Download 4K The owner initially agrees.

Watch Neelavelicham Full HD Movie Online It is a wonderful goal to use modern technology to go even closer to Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s creative vision. Girish Gangadharan’s stunning camera work, which provides stunning frames every minute of the movie and visual effects that brought the “blue light” Basheer imagined to life, is lovely, but it isn’t sufficient to justify a new remake. Despite being based on the short story, Bhargavi Nilayam had its own interpretation of Basheer’s writing.

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Horror films have been influenced by both the original short story and Bhargavi Nilayam for many years. The originality in the most recent edition is obviously impossible to anticipate, and it ultimately becomes predictable. Neelavelicham Download 720p,480p, HD Additionally, keeping to Bhargavi Nilayam has made the most recent movie melodramatic. Despite the fact that the film is a period drama, the love narrative between Bhargavi and Sasikumar, which is lacking from the original short story, needed to be updated for the modern era.

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The movie ends up imitating Bharagavi Nilayam’s dramatisation rather than reflecting the revered status love once held. Everyone is shocked to see the writer alive the following morning because they had assumed that the ghost had killed him the previous evening. The owner of the restaurant confirms what the writer’s pals had told him the day before when the writer arrives for breakfast.

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The author later hears noises coming from a storeroom on the opposite side of the house as he settles down to compose the story. He discovers a box when he enters the storeroom but is unable to locate the key to open it. Neelavelicham Hai Download 4K He then uses a knife that is in his possession to open the box. He discovers a picture of Bhargavi inside the package. However, Tovino Thomas’ acting and the tender tones in his language are what really stand out . Neelavelicham OTT Download The author informs the proprietor of the hotel that he has chosen to write a story about Bhargavi.

It’s weirdly delightful to watch him gradually begin to live with the spirit in the mansion. Neelavelicham Download 720p,480p, HD The interactions between the living and the dead throughout the first half of the movie become its most memorable moments, which is why after the interval, when these connections cease to exist, the movie loses steam. Neelavelicham OTT Download These few instances of goodness might encourage readers to read the original manuscript again. Perhaps this is the reason why such echoes and Xerox copies are required and acceptable.

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A few days later, Bhargavi Is still waiting for Sasi Kumar to come home when Narayanan comes to visit her while she is home alone and informs her that Sasi Kumar has passed away and will not be returning. Bhargavi breaks down in tears and declares that Narayanan is no longer able to marry her because their marriage has already ended. Bhargavi perishes after being thrown into the well by an enraged Narayanan. Tovino portrays the author, who is said to be the Beypore Sultan.

Rima plays the part of Bhargavi, a stunning dancer who falls in love with Roshan Mathew’s Sasikumar, a neighbour and music instructor. Played by Shine Tom Chacko, Nanukuttan continuously pursues Bhargavi. Anuraga Madhuchashakam, a song from the original movie that Bijibal and Rex VijayNeelavelicham OTT Download an modified, was one of the movie’s most well-liked songs. The author is just about to wrap up writing the novel when the story jumps to the present.

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Narayanan shows up one night while the writer is near the well and appears to be conversing with Bhargavi’s spirit. Neelavelicham Download 720p,480p, HD He then informs the writer that he was the one who killed Bhargavi. In addition to the 1964 adaptation Bhargavi Nilayam, Neelavelicham is the second remake of the short story of the same name by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. The remake of Neelavelicham by Aashiq Abu currently goes by that name.

The nameless novelist serves as the main character once more, and the plot remains the same as in the original. If you are unfamiliar with the storyline of the original novel, the author (Tovino Thomas) moves to a rented mansion close to a beach village that is actually Pinarayi near Thalassery but whose name I am unsure of in the film. On the 113th anniversary of the great freedom fighter and Malayalam author Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, director Aashiq Abu announced the movie and unveiled a poster of an old Kerala-style house that was buried in the night and softly lit by the moonlight.

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The author decides to assist Narayanan in climbing out of the well and hands him a rope. However, as Narayanan reaches for the rope, Bhargavi’s ghost pulls him deeper down the well, where he perishes in a manner similar to how Bhargavi had long ago passed away. But a terrible past lingers in this mansion. Watch Neelavelicham Full HD Movie Online According to reports, a girl named Bhagavi (Rima Kallingal) committed suicide there by falling into the well after being dumped by her lover.

Her ghost is still said to haunt the area, making the people fear the mansion and leaving it deserted. Neelavelicham Download 720p,480p, HD It begins to rain as the writer receives serious injuries, and Narayanan eventually admits that Sasi Kumar wasn’t killed just by the poison but was also choked to death by Narayanan before exiting the train. As they are fighting, they arrive at the well and begin to engage in combat there. Narayanan comes close to drowning the writer in the well, but he accidentally falls into it and drowns.

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Neelavelicham based on the short story of the same name by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, has been lavishly reinvented by filmmaker Aashiq Abu and his crew. The film is defined by its yellowish color, the leisurely pace of a bygone period, and the beauty of a lovely love story. You can watch the above movie online and on OTT platforms also closely references A Vincent’s 1964 film “Bhargavi Nilayam.”In June 2022, the film’s producers released a teaser poster showing Thomas in traditional attire scrutinising a dusty room while holding a briefcase, mundu, and white shirt in each hand.

Neelavelicham OTT Download Apart from the lovely lyrics by the late MS Baburaj, what I loved about Bhargavi Nilayam is that it is not just a horror thriller but also an examination of loneliness, an investigative saga, and a love story all rolled into one. Even yet, I’m confident that my earlier explanation did not adequately convey what Bhargavi Nilayam meant to fans of Malayalam cinema, including the remake’s director, Aashiq Abu.


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Who is the director of Neelavelicham?

The director of the above movie is Aashiq Abu.

When the movie Neelavelicham released?

The movie is released on 20th April 2023.

Where can we watch the above movie Neelavelicham?

You can watch the above movie online and on OTT platforms

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