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Romeo Juliet Mp4 HD Movie Moviesda Download isaimini – Romeo Juliet Hindi Dubbed Movie is a popular Romantic Comedy Film. The director of Romeo Juliet Movie is Lakshman. Romeo Jewelt movie starring Jayam Ravi, and Hansika. Everyone loved this movie because it is a romantic comedy movie. People never get tired of watching this movie over and over again.

Romeo Juliet Movie Download

Anyway, Romeo Juliet Movie Released on 12th June 2015. Romeo and Juliet Movie is a Tamil language movie dubbed in Arabic. People are constantly searching the internet by typing Romeo Juliet Hindi Dubbed Movie Download to watch this movie. Stay tuned and scroll down for Romeo Juliet Movie in Hindi Dubbed Online Watch and Download.

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Romeo Juliet Tamil full movie MX player directed and written by Laxman is a comedy and romance genre movie which was released on June 12, 2015, in India in the Tamil language. Romeo Juliet Tamil movie download HD is about Kartik who chases after Aishwarya but she ditches him when she realizes he is a Pauper. Karthik doesn’t give up easily though so Aishwarya has to find other ways to shake him off.

Romeo Juliet Tamil movie Hindi dubbed download is about Aishwarya played by Hansika Motwani who falls in love with Kartik played by Jayam Ravi assuming that he is born with a silver spoon. But once she realizes that he is just an ordinary gym instructor, she leaves him and engages with rich man Arvind played by Vamsi. With Karthik standing by her way and threatening to break a relationship with the millionaire, Aishwarya is now forced to find a suitable girl for Kartik. What happens when she finds a girl for him forms the crux of the story of Romeo Juliet Tamil movie download HD.

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Romeo Juliet Movie Release Date and Time

Romeo Juliet Tamil movie download HD was released on June 12, 2015 with a runtime of 2 hours 30 minutes with the genre of comedy and Romance. Debutant director Laxman comes with a romantic comedy which is a mix of emotional melodrama and comedy. The title says Romeo Juliet so if you are in for a conventional Shakespeare drama refurbished to modern days sorry the answer is a complete no.

MovieRomeo Juliet
CastJayam Ravi, Hansika
Release date12 June 2015
Distributed byCosmo Village, Antenna Entertainments (Malaysia)
LanguageTamil, Hindi
Madras Enterprises
Produced byS. Nanthagopal
Running time150 minutes
Movie TypeRomantic Comedy Film

Here the director has essayed his version of the modern-day working youth of metro cities and their expectations when it comes to love and married life. I would say that the plot has strongly nothing new. We have already seen the movie which is an average grocer with Dhanush and Sridevi in the lead. So the base plot is exactly the same.

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Romeo Juliet Movie Trailer

A 1 minute 30 second trailer was released on YouTube of  Romeo Juliet Tamil movie download HD with a runtime of 2 hours 30 minutes. The movie Romeo Juliet Tamil movie Hindi dubbed download is about Kartik played by Jayam Ravi who is a gym coach who trains film celebrities and rich people in the City. Subbulakshmi also known as Aishwarya played by Hansika is an air hostess who is obsessed to become rich by marriage and seems to be always on the lookout for a wealthy guy.

It mistakes Karthik who drives around in his client’s luxury cars and shops from UP market moles as rich and falls head over heels for him. But everything is short-lived as she is in no mood to live her entire life paying EMI and lead a middle-class life. Soon she gets engaged to a rich guy also known as Vamsi. But Karthik troubles her, irritates her by constantly following her, and getting into an agreement that she has to find a girl who looks exactly like her for him to marry. Or else he will expose photos that they took while they were dating!!

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Romeo Juliet Movie Download isaimini

The music by D Imman was okay. The already hit no danda song could have been shot with a better bang which the song deserves. Two-and-a-half-hour movie scenes with little Dragging towards the end otherwise editing voice show was good. Though the director could have avoided certain song sequences.

Romeo Juliet Movie Download

The new trend Romeo Juliet Tamil movie download HD won’t disappoint you totally as a once what’s the wrong com suited to the current youth crowd. My rating would be 2.75 out of five if the climax was not a cliche it would have fetched good ratings. After watching this Movie you can watch some more newly released web series and movies which are Avatar 2 The Way of Water Movie, and Fall Anjali Starrer Web Series.

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Jayam Ravi and Hansika take over the role of Kartik a celebrity gym trainer and Aishwarya the air hostess. Both the leads did a fair justification for their roles. There are quite a few supporting actors we see on the screen. Hansika tried to act and was beautiful throughout Romeo Juliet Tamil full movie MX player. But this girl is always showing up in full makeup naturally.

She has a fair complexion so she should know she doesn’t need much. The friend bunch of Hansika was a good selection, particularly the girl named Tina was noticeable. VTV Ganesh as VTV Ganesh was there in the same rule used to portray in Romeo Juliet Tamil movie download HD. Vamsi Krishna and Poonam Bajwa in extended cameo guess what the lead pairs are: short-lived groom and lover.

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Romeo Juliet Movie In Hindi Cast

The director tries to link the entire characterization of the leads to today’s working-class lovers but I would strongly say he forgot all the reality towards the climax and made a cinematic ending, probably he would have been scared about the results in the box office having a tragic climax scene. The screenplay of Romeo Juliet Tamil movie watch online was quite engaging throughout. Here we are providing you with a list of the entire cast of Romeo Juliet Tamil full movie MX player:

  • Jayam Ravi as Karthik
  • Hansika Motwani as Aiswarya
  • Vamsi Krishna as Arjun
  • Poonam Bajwa as Nisha
  • Myna Nandhini as Divyashree
  • Uma Padmanabhan as Karthik’s mother
  • Madhumila as Priya
  • Shreya Gupto as Shaniya
  • Bhawana Aneja
  • VTV Ganesh as VTV Ganesh
  • Mathew Varghese as Arjun’s relative
  • Arya as Actor Arya (cameo appearance)

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Romeo Juliet Tamil Movie Download Telegram link

 Romeo Juliet Tamil movie download HD had given me another way of mind which I want to share with you that we think that girl who loves money cannot be changed or this personality cannot be changed or the wave thinking she thinks is just unchangeable but it proved me completely wrong as I was thinking the end would be something like after few years will pass Hero will get certainly rich and he will have a more beautiful girl and heroine would end them being poor.

I would never have imagined that they would ever get together at the end. Romeo Juliet Tamil movie Hindi dubbed download tells us that all personalities can be changed. Money can’t buy happiness and materialistic people can also get changed because Romeo Juliet Tamil movie Hindi dubbed download mainly focuses on it as just a state of mind, happiness with money is just a state of mind and real happiness is in love and this movie proves that. Thank you Romeo Juliet Tamil movie watch online for changing the way of my thinking and definitely for changing the way of my life.

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Aishwarya, an air hostess, wants to marry a millionaire, but mistakes Karthik, a gym trainer, for a rich guy and woos him. She calls off the Romance when she discovers that he is not well off. But Karthik will not let her leave that easily. The positive points of Romeo Juliet Tamil movie watch online are that Romeo Juliet played by Jayam Ravi and Hansika is about two contrasting characters, Kartik and Aishwarya, and their journey.

The theme and premise are not anything new or unusual but Hansika’s characterization emerges as different and real. Ravi is perfect with his toned body and dance movements. The negative points are that of its theme. Romeo Juliet Tamil full movie MX player has some irritating comedy scenes and the pre-climax in the length of the movie are some of the negatives of the movie.

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Romeo Juliet movie download in tamilrockers

Romeo Juliet Tamil movie download HD comes out as a complete cliche. I knew there would be an ending like this. However, I was expecting a different ending. If the hero had walked away with the other girl allowing Hansika to realize, then the director would have given a meaning to true love. Every now and then there is a different ending. A lesson well learned is necessary. Jayam stands for true love, and you have expressed that in Romeo Juliet Tamil movie Hindi dubbed download well.

But what the world needs to know is the other side of the story. Which is that we can still continue life and find true love for the second time. Because there are more well deserving people out there. The consequence of our actions is necessary if we are to see a better world filled with love. Forgiveness is necessary too, but sometimes, forgiveness means that we move on, and not necessarily start back together. Love means responsibility. Love is not blind and thoughtless actions. Love is premeditated and determined labor. What if the guy had left her and then returned in repentance?


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Who is the director of the movie Romeo and Juliet?

The movie Romeo and Juliet is directed and written by Lakshman.

When was the movie Romeo and Juliet released?

Movie Romeo and Juliet were released on June 12, 2015, in India in Tamil language.

Where can I watch the movie Romeo and Juliet?

We can watch the movie Romeo and Juliet on

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