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Vehicle scrappage policy India 2022: Commercial vehicle scrappage

You all probably know that there are still a lot of old vehicles on the road right now, and there are a lot of accidents on the road for all those old vehicles. The Prime Minister of our country Shri Narendra Modi has started a scheme to overcome all those problems. And the name of this place is vehicle scrappage policy.

Vehicle scrappage policy

When our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was practically addressing the Gujarat Investors Conference on Friday, he introduced the vehicle scrap policy. Prime Minister Modi said the policy would help stop unqualified and polluting vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner during video address. And the Prime Minister also said that not only the age clause of the vehicle will be repealed, but if the vehicle proves to be fit for the test, then the vehicle will be allowed to drive on the road again.

The Prime Minister said, “Introducing the Vehicle Stoppage Policy today is an important milestone in India’s development journey. The Gujarat Investors Conference has opened up a new range of possibilities for setting up vehicle scaping infrastructure. I urge the youth and startups to join this program.”

And Modi Ji also said that vehicle scrapping will help to remove unsuitable and polluting vehicles in an environmentally friendly way, while being environmentally responsible our goal is to create an effective circular economy and bring originality to all stakeholders. “

Friends, today we will give you detailed information about vehicle scraping, such as what is a vehicle scrapping policy? Benefits, objectives, vehicle scrapping policy application process, etc. of this policy. If you would like to know more about this policy, please read our full post.

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Brief project description

Name of schemeVehicle Scrappage Policy
BeneficiaryThis service will be provided to the people of India.
Launched byGovernment of India

Vehicle scrapping policy India about

You all know that there are a lot of old cars on the road these days. And old car technology tends to be an accident as it gets older. For this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced this vehicle scaping policy. The purpose of the vehicle stoppage policy is to foot and recycle old vehicles through a systematic process. And for these old vehicles, our environment is getting more polluted so we need vehicle scrappage policy to reduce environmental pollution. While announcing the policy during the Union Budget 2022, our country’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the introduction of a vehicle scrap policy would bring more benefits than just reducing the environmental pollution. As a result of scraping old cars, basic materials like recycled steel, plastic, and copper can be reused. Automobile companies will get raw materials at lower prices, so the cost of producing new cars will be much lower. And the incentives that are given to buy new cars are aimed at increasing the sales of vehicles in the country.

This vehicle scrapping policy initiated by the central government is an important policy because we all know that old vehicles pollute the environment about 10 to 12 times more than new vehicles. And in our country, there are about 51 lakh light motor vehicles that are twenty years old, and there are about 34 lakh vehicles that are more than 15 years old. And along with that, there are about 17 lakh medium and heavy commercial vehicles that are more than 15 years old. And all these cars are driving on the road without a valid fitness certificate.

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Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2022 Highlights Key
Name of schemeVehicle Scrappage Policy
Launched byGovernment of India
Under the schemeUnder the Government of India
Country nameIndia
BeneficiaryThis service will be provided to the people of India.
ObjectiveTo reduce environmental pollution.
Post categoryScheme

Vehicle scrapping policy objective

Friends, today in this post we will inform you about the purpose of this vehicle scrappage policy started by the Prime Minister –

The main objective of this vehicle scapes policy initiated by the Prime Minister is to phase out and recycle the vehicles that have become obsolete through the regulatory process. Vehicle scraping will greatly reduce the number of accidents on the road, and at the same time reduce environmental pollution by about 10 to 12 times. Older cars are more polluting to upgrade to older technology, and safety is almost non-existent. So the government wants to scrap all these cars. Our country’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that this scrapping policy will not only reduce environmental pollution but also bring many benefits. The companies that make the cars will get the raw materials at a much lower price, so the cost of producing the car will be much lower. And customers will be able to buy cars at much lower prices when they buy them.

Vehicle scrapping policy benefit

Friends, today we will tell you about the benefits of India vehicle scrapping policy –

  • The owner who scraps his old vehicle through the vehicle scrapping policy will be given a certificate. That certificate will give the owner many benefits when he goes to buy a new car, such as the ex-showroom price of the old car.
  • When he goes to buy a new car, if he shows the scrap certificate of the old car, the registration of the car will be given free of cost.
  • Up to 25 percent road tax exemption will be given when buying a new car. And a 15% discount for commercial vehicles.
  • Car manufacturers have been advised to give a 5% discount on the purchase of new cars who will bring a scraping certificate of the old car.
  • For older cars about 10 to 12 times more environmental pollution, scraping methods can reduce environmental pollution.
  • Many people will earn from this scheme.
  • You will see fit vehicles on the road.
  • This scheme will boost the Indian economy.
  • The amount of accidents on the road is increasing due to the old technology, the amount of those accidents can be reduced through the scraping method.
  • Automobile companies will get raw materials at much lower prices through the old vehicle scraping method, so the cost of car production will be reduced.
  • This policy will check the fitness of the vehicle, if the vehicles are fit to drive on the road, he will be given a certificate.
  • We have seen a lot of cars on our roads that have bad headlights, backlights and many parts of the car are bad. The government is trying to recycle all these cars by scraping them.
  • Scientific methods will be used to check the fitness of the vehicles and if the vehicles are unfit then the vehicles will be scrapped.

Vehicle scrapping policy fitness test

The fitness of the vehicle will be checked. Through this policy, fitness tax will be used to determine whether the old car is suitable for exceeding its technical life span. Simply put, a fitness test is a detailed test that will determine a car’s fitness on the road. There will be further tests through this policy, where it will be seen to what extent that car is polluting the environment. Not only this, with the help of fitness tests an old car has to undergo multiple safety tests including braking, engine performance, and other tests. These fitness tests will be conducted in automated fitness test centers, which is expected to make these processes more rigorous. Also if there is any problem with the headlamp or rear lamp of the car then that car will be considered unfit.

Implementation of vehicle scrappage policy

Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi today introduced the vehicle scrappage policy, it will take some time to implement the policy. The possible dates for the implementation of the policy are –

  • Rules for building fitness tests and scraping centers will be issued from 1 October 2022.
  • Scraping of 15-year-old cars will start on April 1, 2022.
  • From 1 April 2023, fitness tests for heavy commercial vehicles must be done.
  • On June 1, 2024, fitness tests will be made mandatory for all vehicles.

These policies will be issued in separate phases, and you will be given full opportunity and time to think. Not that these methods will start tomorrow, but you have to be prepared for them. Because it is a future plan and you have to maintain your car in this way. So read these plans carefully and then decide what you will do.

It is not that this policy has only started in India, in countries like Germany, Europe, this system started about 10 to 15 years ago.


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