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Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2022: All Details | VRS Benefits, Features

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There are many instances where companies feel the need to laugh at the strength of employees. And for this purpose, companies take various measures. One of these measures is the planning of a voluntary retirement scheme. Friends, today we are going to tell you about a voluntary retirement project through this article. What is a voluntary retirement scheme? The purpose, benefits, features, requirements, process, etc. of this scheme. Friends, if you want to know more about the voluntary retirement scheme, we urge you to read our post to the end and very carefully.

Voluntary Retirement Scheme

Brief project description

Name of schemeVoluntary retirement scheme
BeneficiaryCompanies in India will get the benefit of this
Launched byGovernment of India

What is the volunteer requirement scheme?

Under the volunteer requirement scheme, employees are offered to retire from the company voluntarily before the date of retirement. Voluntary retirement plans were adopted to reduce the strength of the organization’s staff. Workers, executives of the organization, the authorities of the cooperative society, etc. can take voluntary retirement. Both public and private organizations can offer voluntary retirement projects. This scheme is also known as a Sonar handset. Employee strength is reduced through voluntary retirement so that the company can make overall use of the firm. There are many requirements under voluntary retirement. This is one of the rules that employees retiring should not apply to any other firm in the same industry.

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Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2022 Highlights Key
Name of schemeVoluntary retirement scheme
Launched byGovernment of India
Under the schemeUnder the Government of India
Country nameIndia
BeneficiaryCompanies in India will get the benefit of this
ObjectiveTo reduce the strength of employees in a company
Post categoryScheme

Volunteer requirement scheme objective

We will try to share with you the purpose for which the Volunteer Retirement Project was created –

The main goal of the volunteer requirement scheme is to reduce the strength of the employees of an organization that is not able to pay the employees due to financial problems. The company can search by hiring volunteers. Under this scheme, many benefits are also given to the employees like rehabilitation facilities of employees, fund management advice, etc., and for this, the income of the employees will automatically improve.

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Volunteer requirement game benefit and features

We will try to give you all the information about the benefits and features of the volunteer requirement scheme

  • Voluntary retirement from the services of employees under this scheme is being proposed.
  • He was offered to retire before the retirement date.
  • Note that voluntary retirement is not a form of forced retirement, leaving the job or keeping the job is entirely in the hands of the employees.
  • Note that the voluntary retirement scheme applies only to employees who have completed ten years of service and are over 40 years of age.
  • This project is offered by both public and private companies.
  • This project is also known as the Gold Handshake.
  • Through the voluntary retirement of employees, the power to use the form is reduced.
  • Voluntary retirees are not allowed to apply in any other form related to the same industry.
  • This scheme will be applicable to those employees who have completed more than 10 years of service and who are over 40 years of age.
  • Voluntary retirees will be given various benefits like rehabilitation facility, counseling etc.
  • Retired employees are also compensated, which is a sufficient amount of adequate tax exemption.
  • Provident fund and Gachuti arrears will be paid to the employees at the time of retirement.

Voluntary retirement withdrawal

You all know that Indian labor law does not allow firms to lay off employees directly, and if they do, it is strongly opposed by the spread unions. Many times due to financial problems no company is able to pay the salaries of the employees, because the company is in such a situation at that time that they are not in a position to pay the employees. While volunteer retirement plans have been introduced to address the situation of overtime workers, the scheme is not opposed by trade unions as workers are taking voluntary retirement.

In some situations voluntary retirement plans are adopted

  • Obsolescence of products or technology
  • Takeover and attachment
  • Qualified initiatives with foreign partners
  • Business recession
  • Intense competition

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Entitlement of voluntary retirement project

Retired persons will receive 45 days’ salary for the full year of each job.

And the monthly enumeration at the time of retirement is several times the amount of service fish before the previous date of service (any less).

  1. Gratuity will pay the arrears and provident fund to the employee.
  2. Compensation received from participating employees at the time of volunteer retirement is tax-free up to a certain amount (terms and conditions).
  3. Benefit packages are offered to employees to choose a project.


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